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Zobo Drink : Health Benefits, Recipes, Side Effects and everything else

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About Zobo drink

Zobo drink is a very popular drink in Nigeria. The name is derived from the name of its parent plant called Zoborodo, which is an Hausa name. The scientific name of zobo, is Hibiscus sabdariffa.

The Zobo drink is usually drunk chilled and could be served with ice cubes. It tastes so much better when chilled. It is a very healthy drink with lots of amazing benefits. A lot of Nigerians especially the women, make a decent living just from selling Zobo drink.

There have even been talks on exporting the drink to the outside world as it is thought that it will be widely accepted, bought and appreciated. The Zobo drink is usually deep purple, to red or black in color. It has undertones of purple but when packed in a bottle, it looks black from afar.

There are not many companies in Nigeria that deal in packaging Zobo drink industrially. Only like one or two companies do it and they have not yet become popular. This will be discussed in this article later about the different recipes you can make with Zobo drink, how to make Zobo drink and we will also be looking at the various benefits and also disadvantages that Zobo drinks have to offer to your body. This is important so that you don’t just consume anything but you should know very well about what you consume. You will thank us later!

Health benefits of Zobo drink.

Zobo drink
Image: Dooney’s Kitchen

Zobo drink offers lots of amazing health benefits to you. It is very nutritious and it is usually 100% organic when packed. We will be looking at the many health benefits of Zobo leaves and drink extensively in this section. Some of its amazing health benefits of zobo drink are listed below;

1. Zobo drink is effective in fighting cancer.

Yes, you read it right. It fights cancer well. We all know that cancer is a disease that is getting more and more rampant in our world today, and the funny thing about this scary disease is that it can’t be traced to one particular cause.

Scientists just know and tell us that certain foods increase your risk of developing cancer and also increase the number of carcinogens in your body. Well luckily for Nigerians and Africans as a whole, they have Zobo to the rescue! You might wonder what active ingredients in Zobo help to fight cancer?

Well Zobo has Vitamin C, phytochemicals and is rich in antioxidants. These three components are the major fighting men when it comes to cancer. Vitamin C, apart from fighting against cancer, also helps in boosting the immune system’s strength.

Antioxidants fight free radicals in the body that could cause cancer in different parts of the body. These three super ingredients also help in fighting inflammation and a very anti-cancer. So basically, if you have cancer or you would like to prevent the future possibility of you having cancer, be sure to drink enough Zobo.

Zobo fights cancer for you and boosts your immune system greatly. Be sure to drink enough of it. This is just one out of the many benefits that Zobo offers you. There is more!

2. Zobo drink and leaves help to combat diabetes.

Diabetes is a medical condition that occurs when your body has problems with the sugar utilizing hormone called Insulin. Insulin regulates your sugar level. But when so little insulin is being produced, it can cause high levels of glucose or sugar, to be present in the blood stream. This condition is called Diabetes and so Zobo can assist you in controlling and in finally getting rid of the Diabetes. And yes, in case you did not know, Diabetes is a lifelong disease that kills.

A lot of Nigerians are affected by Diabetes.  Zobo can assist you in controlling and in finally getting rid of the diabetes. How does Zobo do this? What it does is that, it controls the production of the enzyme called Amylase, which breaks down sugar thereby effectively controlling Diabetes. Zobo does the maintenance and regulating of sugar level in those with diabetes, thereby helping the patient in managing the condition.

3. Zobo helps in preventing high blood pressure.

Zobo leaves have antihypertensive properties which are then transferred to the drink. It helps in cutting down the levels of cholesterol in the body which is bad for the heart. Excess cholesterol can cause arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart attack and even stroke.

One way in which you can control your body’s blood pressure rate is to drink Zobo. As simple as this sounds, it is indeed very effective. This is just another amazing benefit that Zobo offers your body. I am sure you are starting to see why Zobo is so much praised.

4. Zobo also helps you to lose weight.

If you are fat or obese, and you would want to lose weight, Zobo is for you but be aware of the type of Zobo we are talking about here. It is not the sweetened ones that have artificial sweeteners and sugar in them. We are talking about the raw Zobo drink, the pure one.

Zobo effectively helps to control your appetite and helps you to stay full for longer so that you don’t eat too much food. So, if you are looking at losing some weight, be sure to follow our recipe below on how to make your own Zobo in the comfort of your home. Scroll down to see the recipe.

If you are really particular about losing weight with natural products and leaves, you can read this article on using guava leaves for weight loss.

5. Zobo also helps in treating cold and cough.

Now, who would have thought of that? But it turns out that, there is a particular ingredient that is present in Zobo called Vitamin C that helps in fighting cold, catarrh and cough. Vitamin C is very famous for this purpose of preventing flu. Zobo has very strong anti inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients in it, that it is very well known for.

Nutritional value of Zobo drink.

A particular study carried out by the American journal of food technology found that, dark red Zobo drink has Vitamin C as its highest percentage ingredient followed by Calcium at 4 p.p.m. and some Ash content. Zobo also contains Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and Iron. The pH of Zobo drink is also quite high. That means that, no matter the color of the drink, Zobo is naturally very acidic with the pH ranging between 2.5 to 2.7. It can be seen that Zobo contains a high proportion of minerals and Vitamin C. The minerals like Magnesium and Sodium it contains, help in building strong bones in children.

Zobo leaves.

Zobo leaves are also known as hibiscus leaves. The leaves are gotten from the plant Hibiscus which is a flowering plant. Zobo drink is extracted from those leaves through steam distillation of the leaves. More on the production process of Zobo drink will be addressed below. The Hibiscus leaves are also known as Roselle leaves. The leaves are first dried before they are used. Zobo leaf is indeed very medicinal.

Side effects of Zobo drink.

Surprisingly, Zobo has some side effects. Yeah. We know what you are thinking, how can Zobo, as amazing and as beneficial as it is, have side effects? Well, yes. It does have some side effects that you should probably be aware of before you start drinking in large proportions. Some of the side effects of zobo drink include the following as seen below;

1. Zobo can cause hallucinations.

Hallucinations mean that, you as a person start to perceive or sense the presence of something that is not actually there. Hallucinations are created by the mind. But the funny thing is that, Zobo can encourage it. There are some properties present in Zobo, both in the leaves and the drink, that can induce hallucinations.

So it is advised that you don’t take Zobo too much if your work requires high levels of concentration like driving, as it can cause you to make costly mistakes due to the hallucinations.

2. Zobo tends to interact with other medicines you might have taken prior.

It is generally advised that if you are on drugs or on medication, you should definitely avoid Zobo for that. This is so that the medications can do their jobs properly without interference or interaction. When Zobo interferes with the taken medication, there is a high probability that the person will develop health problems.

3. Zobo can cause low blood pressure.

You remember that we said earlier that Zobo can help in preventing high blood pressure as one of the advantages right? Yes. Well, if you had normal blood pressure before, you might want to take Zobo in average or low amounts. But Zobo is perfectly good for you if you have high blood pressure already and you wish to lower it. If you have low blood pressure already, please by all means avoid Zobo.

4. Zobo can slow down body reactions very much.

Although Zobo is great for helping the body to relax ,it can also cause slow body reactions. What this could mean for you is that, you might not be able to perform at work to your optimal and normal level.

And you should not take it as a pregnant woman. Pregnant women in the first trimester are advised to desist from Zobo, as it can cause miscarriage. More will be said on this later in the article. Keep reading..

Zobo drink and weight loss.

Zobo actually does help in losing weight. Zobo drink prevents you from having too much appetite because it gives you the full feeling in your stomach. Zobo drink helps in controlling your appetite effectively. It is when you eat too much that you will inevitably gain weight but if you don’t eat that much, due to your controlled appetite, then you will not eat because your body will be forced to use your body fat as compensation and therefore you will lose weight. It is a case of fewer calories, more weight loss.

If you are interested in reading people’s popular opinions about using slimming tea for weight loss, click to read the article.

Zobo drink and fertility.

Zobo drink does help in boosting your fertility level. It is especially good for men, as it helps in effectively improving your sperm quality. But Zobo drink does not have much of an effect on female fertility. In some cases, women drinking a lot of Zobo can even have lower fertility.

But it is overall good for men as it promotes sperm motility and increases sperm count. If you are a man, combine your Zobo with ginger to drink. This pairing works amazingly well for fertility boosting in men. Zobo drink as earlier said does not really affect female fertility. So as a female, don’t drink Zobo and then expect pregnancy after sex. It really does not boost fertility in women.

Zobo drink and pregnancy.

Well, let’s get this straight. Zobo is not good for you if you’re pregnant. This is especially very true for women in early pregnancy like in their first trimester. Although Zobo has lots of benefits, it is not advisable and healthy for you if you are carrying a baby in your womb.

Initially, Zobo’s antioxidants actually do protect the mother and her fetus from harmful free radicals and other poisonous substances. But that appears to be the only benefit that Zobo offers a pregnant woman and her fetus.

Why is Zobo harmful to pregnancy? Some ingredients in the Zobo leaf and drink, lead to bleeding from the woman’s uterus or womb and this puts your baby in great danger of being flushed out. To put it simply, Zobo can lead to miscarriage and if you have been trying so hard to get pregnant, and you are now finally pregnant, you don’t want to ruin it just because you can’t resist the taste of Zobo. If you are pregnant especially in the first three months, it is advised to not drink Zobo.

Zobo drink and menstruation

A lot of problems happen during the menstrual cycles of some women. Some women have delayed menstrual cycles, irregular cycles or extremely painful menstruation. Thankfully, zobo drink and menstruation go hand in hand as it solves a lot of menstrual cycle problems.

Zobo drink helps to relieve of menstrual pains. It is that one drink that takes care of delayed menstruation. Zobo drink in combination with other herbs releases delayed menstruation. This is essentially due to the high concentration of Vitamin C.

How to make Zobo drink recipe.

Zobo drink
Image: Dooney’s Kitchen

So below, in this section, we will be enlightening you on how to make the Zobo drink from scratch. It is quite easy to make Zobo drink. You can save it for your friends, take it after a stressful and hot day at work, or you can also sell it. Yes, after learning how to make your Zobo drink, you can make some extra cash by selling it. Brilliant right? So below, we will be highlighting the steps involved in making Zobo drink;

1. Get a big pot. That is what you will use to cook the Zobo.

2. Put the leaves in a bowl and then rinse thoroughly. You can get the leaves locally from the market. It is very common in Nigeria. Although ensure that you rinse them very well.

3. After rinsing, put the leaves in the pot and then add pounded and dried ginger roots or plain ginger to the Zobo leaves in the pot.

4. Peel your washed pineapples and add the peeled barks of the pineapple fruit to the pot mixture.

5. Now add water to the whole mixture. The water should cover all of the ingredients you have just added. Now, put the pot on heat or fire and let the mixture cook well.

6. While the mixture is still cooking, squeeze out the juices out of pineapple and orange. And then mix the juices in a separate bowl.

7. Also dice some fruits like Cucumber, Watermelon and Apple. Remove their seeds of course.

8. After the total boiling of the Zobo leaves and pineapple bark on fire. Remove the pot from the fire and sieve the boiled water out of the pot. The leaves and pineapple bark should be boiled for the second time and then you sieve the water out again. After the 2nd sieving, you can now throw the Zobo leaves and pineapple bark away. Let the sieved water from the pot get cool. Leave it to cool.

9. After cooling, now add the mixture of the pineapple and orange juice that you mixed earlier to the sieved water. Also add the diced fruits and stir well with a wooden kitchen paddle or long spoon.

10. Finally, your Zobo drink is ready. You can put the drink in a container like bottles and store the drink in the fridge. It is best served when chilled. Also share with your friends!

Why is Zobo drink better than the other carbonated soft drinks that are common nowadays?

Well, it is not hard to see its obvious advantages over the overrated soft drinks. Zobo drink is 100% natural when it has not been sweetened by artificial sweeteners or sugar. It is naturally tasty and delicious even without other chemical additives. It is very unlike the soft drinks, which are pure chemical products and are very harmful to the body.

The carbonated soft drinks are also known to cause tooth decay and excessive sugar in the body. So, if you want to avoid developing diabetes due to your somewhat high consumption of soft carbonated drinks, then a nice substitute is definitely Zobo.. Zobo has so many health benefits like the ones we explained above, and you don’t want to miss out on any of these awesome benefits. But you have to take it in moderation as well.

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