Your Tasty Fried Rice Will Last Longer With This Irresistible Recipe

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I’m sure some people would be lost in thought for a minute on what I mean by a lasting fried rice . I can assure you that many times fried rice doesn’t last before getting last. This is because what we eat most times especially at parties is simply spiced,  curried rice. They don’t usually go through the process of frying. This is because the quantity they are cooking is much, so they have to prepare it in another method which is not original. This makes the fried rice to spoil quickly.

I shall take us through the process of cooking tasty and lasting fried rice

Ingredients for fried rice

The main ingredients for cooking fried rice are;

1. Raw Rice (uncooked rice)
2. Curry
3. Groundnut oil
4. Salt and seasoning and
5. Water

Other ingredients apart from this first 5 ingredients listed are optional

6. Thyme and white pepper
7.  Green pea, green ball pepper, carrot, spring onions, liver,
8. Meat/Chicken/Turkey
9. Stock (Omi Eran)

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Preparation of your authentic fried rice 

1. Wash meat/chicken/ turkey with some amount of salt to dissolve stones and some other particles already stuck
2. Season and boil meat till tender
3. Fry the meat, liver inclusive till the colour turns golden brown
4. Wash and parboil rice adding a little bit of salt
5. Drain rice
6.Dice green peas, carrots, green ball pepper, spring onions, carrots and liver
7. Put the carrots and green peas in warm water for 5 minutes,  remove and place in cold water to cool down, pour into a sieve and put aside. This is to parboil the vegetables without cooking it and it helps to retain the colour of the vegetables. It also reduces the stir-frying process
8. pour oil in a non stick frying pan,  allow oil to be heated
9. Fry the vegetables and the liver adding white pepper if any. Fry for just 3 minutes and make sure it retains its original colour.  Set aside after frying.
10. Pour oil in a non stick frying pan , allow to be heated,  fry rice in sections / batches
11. Sieve the stock(omi Eran) and pour in a pot, add curry,  thyme,  and other seasoning , cover and allow to boil
12. Pour the rice and let it be at the same level with the stock.  If need be for additional water,  add water bit by bit,  so that you don’t end up cooking with too much water.
13. When it is steamed,  add your already fried vegetables. Stir and your fried rice is ready.

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1. Too much ingredients spoils fried rice easily
2. Cook on low heat to avoid burning especially when the food is not done/well cooked
3. You can boil the liver with meat or separately
4. Let fried rice cool off completely before storage
5. Parboil rice before the final cooking,  to avoid rice from sticking together
6. Do not cook with too much water,  if you are not sure of the quantity of water to use,  add water little by little.

Photo source: Nigerian Food TV

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