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Yellow Chilli Restaurant and Bar Review

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Yellow Chilli restaurant, located at Ikeja is one of the top restaurants and bars in Ikeja Lagos.

In this article, we will be doing a review of Yellow Chilli restaurant and bars. We will be analyzing their food quality, the variety of dishes available,  the customer service quality and the environment because in reality, all these factors and more are essential for a good and excellent restaurant service.

Follow this article till its end to know all you need to know about Yellow Chilli Restaurant, Ikeja.

Where is Yellow Chilli located specifically in Lagos?

Yellow Chilli Restaurant and bar

I believe that part of enjoying the service of a company is knowing that the journey to get the service was hitch free and very comfortable.

Yellow Chilli is located at Ikeja in Lagos and their address is, 35 Joel Ogunnaike Street, Ikeja, Lagos. The road that leads to this restaurant/bar is in very good condition and bump free. So you are sure to have a very smooth ride from wherever you are coming from to Yellow Chilli, very stress-free.

What types of food do they serve at Yellow Chilli Restaurant?

Yellow Chilli mainly serves out local, pan-African and Nigerian delicacies.

All of the cuisines available at Yellow Chilli are very ethnic and indigenous and debunk the popular misconception that indigenous dishes can only be gotten from nearby shanties.

Yellow Chilli Menu

Jollof rice

Their Jollof rice is a dish you must have when you go there. They are very popular for it, their Jollof is life-saving.

Also, they have the Seafood Okra which they are also super famous for! First-time visitors from all over the world always give this dish a try and give very positive reviews on it. It is not only appealing to the eyes but also appealing and delicious to the taste buds.


They have so many different indigenous soups for you to pair with whatever Swallow food you choose. Apart from Seafood Okra and Jollof Rice, they have the following;

— Otong Soup, Bitter leaf soup, Okro soup, Ogbono soup, Egusi soup, Efo Riro Soup, Afang Soup, Afia Efere/and Nsala White soup and Edikang Ikong soup.

The above are the soups that they have in their food menu and of course, you can eat these soups with Pounded Yam, Semovita, Eba, Amala or White Rice. Sounds cool right?

Their soups are also very affordable and come at a discounted price if you are buying for more than one person. Their Efo Riro tastes amazing and it is one you will definitely always crave again and again. Also, their Jollof Rice doesn’t just come bare, it comes with Diced Chicken, Unshelled prawns, Shrimps, and Pepper sauce!

It definitely tastes delicious and you can have all of these for just N3,800 only! For some heavenly tasting Jollof Rice, it is totally worth the cash! I mean, who doesn’t love Jollof Rice?

Fried Rice

Also, along with Jollof Rice, you can also have Fried Rice. Their Fried Rice also comes cooked with diced chicken, Shrimps and prawns just like the Jollof counterpart. The Friend Rice also goes for N3,800 only!

Chef’s Combo Platters

They also have a special dish called the Chef’s Combo Platter. This is a dish of Diced Plantains or plantain slices! So, if you are a fan of Delicious and mouth-watering Plantain, here is something for you from Yellow Chilli!

The Fried Plantain dish called Chef’s Combo comes with either Omelette, prawns or Snails!! The plantain slices are also spiced with tomato, onions, green pepper, Omelette or Efo Riro all according to your choice! This also goes for N3,800.

Beans with Beef

You can also have Beans with Beef when you go to Yellow Chilli.

That is of course if you love beans. You can have a delicious pottage of Beans from them also with plantain pieces!

Also, if you don’t want Beans with plantain, you can have it with assorted meat, cow leg, Shaking or Chicken! You can also pair the beans with Oxtail (Yes, they have it), Fresh Fish, Stock Fish, Dried Fish or Snail.

White Rice

You can have Obe Dindin with your bed of white Rice and assorted meat as well. That is if you are a fan of white rice.

Yam Pottage Special

Also, there is the Yam Pottage Special which is cooked with Palm oil, Beef and Snail.

Apart from these main courses listed out, they also have appetizers! So, if you don’t want to go for a regular meal, you can definitely have a dish of their available appetizers.

Yellow Chilli Appetizers

Fisherman’s Peppersoup, Oxtail Peppersoup, Fresh Fish Peppersoup, Chicken and Goatmeat peppersoup. These are the Peppersoup varieties they have.

Hold on…. These are not the only appetizers they have. They also have;

— Hot Chicken Wings, which is succulent Chicken Wings fried inside Tomato sauce!
— Another appetizer they have is Spicy Stewed snails! These are snails that have been stir fried in green peppers and spices.
— Nkwobi is another appetizer they have. Isi-Ewu, Spicy Oxtail, Crispy Prawns, Ugba are the other delicious appetizers they have. Their menu is vast right? Yes! And also super tasty!

Yellow Chilli Menu and Prices

Another thing one needs to look at is the price. Do the prices match the quality of the dish you are buying?

Is the restaurant unnecessarily billing you for a dish that costs half the price? You need to ask these questions if you want to choose a restaurant to eat or a restaurant to take your loved ones to for a lunch or dinner treat.

The happy thing about Yellow Chilli Restaurant and bar is that though their services and food are so high in quality and top notch, their prices are not overboard at all.

You can’t find a dish in their menu that costs more than N4,500. As For the normal Nigerian soups, no soup in their menu costs more than N3,000 with all the assorted beefs, diced chicken and stuff that will stock the soup. They also don’t charge for swallows once you buy a type of soup with it. Their swallows cost N0 whether it is Eba, Pounded Yam, Semo or Amala you want to eat with the soup. How cool right?

Yellow Chilli Restaurant is indeed a fantastic place for you and your loved ones to grab local dishes. It had impeccable standards and delicious meals! All for token amount! You will definitely love it there. Try them!

Below are some of their popular items on the menu and their prices

Seafood Okro – ₦4200

Jollof Rice Fiesta – ₦3800

Fried Rice Fiesta – ₦3800

Chef’s Combo Platter With Prawns – ₦3800

Chef’s Combo Platter With Snails – ₦3300

Beans With Beef – ₦2700

Beans With Assorted Meat, Cowleg Or Shaki – ₦2800

Beans With Chicken – ₦2800

Beans With Oxtail – ₦4000

Beans With Fresh Fish, Dry Fish, Stock Fish Or Snail – ₦3600

Obe Dindin – ₦3000

Yam Pottage Special – ₦3500

Oxtail -₦4000

Fresh Fish, Dry Fish Or Stock Fish –  ₦3500

Snail – ₦3600

Goat Meat, Assorted Meat, Cow Leg Or Shaki – ₦3000

Beef – ₦2700

Chicken – ₦2800

Tropical Prawns – ₦4400

Seafood Basket – ₦5500

Jumbo Prawns – ₦4400

Chilli Chicken – ₦3100

Chef’s Assorted Vegetables – ₦1000

Goat Curry – ₦3700

Peanut Chicken – ₦3700

White Rice – ₦1000

Fresh Fish – ₦2500

Chicken – ₦1800

Fries – ₦1000

Yam Chips – ₦700

Plantain – ₦1000

Eba, Semovita, Amala – ₦1000

Pounded Yam – ₦1200

Beans – ₦1200

Jollof Rice – ₦1200

Obe Dindin Stew – ₦2000

Soups – ₦1000

Dry Fish – ₦2500

Chef’s Assorted Vegetables – ₦1200

Fisherman’s Pepper Soup – ₦3700

Oxtail Pepper Soup – ₦3300

Fresh Fish Pepper Soup – ₦2600

Chicken / Goat Meat Pepper Soup – ₦2300

Hot Chicken Wings – ₦2300

Spicy Stewed Snails – ₦2500

Spicy Stewed Prawns – ₦3200

Spicy Oxtail – ₦3500

Isi Ewu – ₦4500

Nkwobi – ₦2000

Crispy Prawns – ₦3200

Ugba – ₦3000


Yellow Chilli Ambience

Yellow chilli restaurant

Yellow Chilli, Ikeja is very spacious and ultra modern. It is important to note that they have another branch at Victoria Island, Lagos which is equally a great place.

The environment is clean and the restaurant is very stately and classy and will definitely meet your standard. It looks very modern and is very well furnished. The air is really cool and you will be treated like the Royalty that you are at Yellow Chilli. Go there to experience it first hand!

Yellow Chilli Restaurant Contact


ADDRESS: 35, Joel Ogunaike Street, Ikeja, Lagos

PHONE NUMBER – 07046126573, 08089948999

Victoria Island

ADDRESS: 27, Oju Olobun Close, Off Bishop Oluwole Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

PHONE NUMBER 08099623614, 08133934758


There is absolutely no reason for you to not eat at Yellow Chilli Restaurant. It is indeed a parade fid Nigerians and foreigners to eat that showcases our beautifully rich and delicious Nigerian cuisines in the best modern way possible!

This review is in no way biased but a true reflection of how Yellow Chilli Restaurant serves their average customer.

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