Yele’s Carrot Sauce : an Exquisite Touch of Healthy

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Yele is back with another super healthy dish. This is not all too easy like what we’ve had. Let me put this as moderately easy. It is a move to enjoy and still eat something healthy. This is carrot sauce. You can pair it with rice, pasta or even yam. Let’s get to the ingredients and preparation:


Green pepper
Green peas
Sunflower oil
Knorr cubes


-Grate carrot and set aside. Grate pepper too.

-Marinate (soak) chicken in cinnamon, thyme, a dash of lime, knorr cubes and chilli.

-Grill the marinated chicken.

-Prepare the greens by dicing them.

-Put the pot on fire and add sunflower oil. You can use any other type of oil too.

-Add in all the greens first and fry while continously stirring.

-Add in the pepper and then the chicken.

-Stir together and allow it to cook.

-Add in the carrot last. This is because it is going to shrink if added earlier.

-Stir together and cook for few more minutes and there you go – your delicious carrot sauce.

N. B- Chicken skin is peeled off as per fit fam something.

So,  are you going to try this soon?

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  1. Double wow!! This is indeed beautiful!!! Would definitely try it tomorrow, it's gonna be yummy yummy. Thanks so much Esther Adeniyi for putting that up, inshot, i'm seeing that sauce for the very first time, it's good to try new things, thanks Yele,loads of hugs from me to you hun.

    1. Hey Modella, thank you for the feedback. Did you finally try it?

  2. Thanks for sharing Yele (and Esther!). I've never thought of adding grated carrot to a sauce; it sounds like it'll be delicious!

    1. Very delicious, I assure you.

      Thank you for checking it out.

  3. Mariam says:

    I love these pictures, they are very clear. This is a good one. I love what you guys are doing. Please keep it up. Plus, I hate carrots.

    1. Buhahahahahahahahahaha you hate carrots.

      Thank you for the encouragement Mariam, thank you.

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