Would you invite your ex to your wedding?

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Hello guys, how are you doing this morning? Thank God it’s Friday. I meant that literally, no kidding. It’s been a beautiful week so far and I am grateful for so many things. I am most importantly grateful for God’s protection.

News have been flying around, left, right and center, bad news mostly. I hear some and I cringe! If not for God, where would we be? This is not to mock people with these problems, it’s just that we can’t help but thank God still.

On one of Ilesanmi’s posts, he categorically asked us not to read newspapers so early and I agree 100%.

So, question of the week. My friends and I gathered for a chit chat on Wednesday and among other topics we discussed, this subject cropped up- inviting an ex to your wedding. My mouth was practically open when one of my friends said that she attended and even served. She said that she honestly wasn’t putting up any show or something close, she just was so off any grudge and being that that ex and her shared so many mutual friends, it was just no biggie as they all had fun. Ce fini.

I said that I would not attend and I would not invite an ex to my wedding. Say werin, nah jhor. 

So, the question is not should an ex be invited? It is not about if it is ideal or not. The question is more personal- would you invite your ex to your wedding?

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