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World Puff Puff Day; whatcha’ think?

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My friend had asked me for the English name for puff puff. I turned to tell him to add that to the list of fairly absurd things people search for on Google. ‘Google da sh*t bruh’, I dismissed.

Because my curiosity hasn’t killed me yet, I was alive and well enough to ask him what the heck inspired that. World Puff Puff day. That was his answer fam, world puff puff day!

This was just when I wondered why there was a world day for everything on earth. I don’t even want to go there because we would end up talking about them all.

I understand the fuss about puff puff. It’s the Nigerian staple snack. One of my contributing writers in the past had inspired me to write a Nigerian puff puff recipe, you can click to read that if you have caught the bug already.

Apparently, World puff puff day is by Dangote Kitchen. I didn’t find as much I thought I would online, but these I found :

WORLD PUFF PUFF DAY will hold at Muri Okunola Park, Lagos on the 27th of Oct. This will be the first ever WORLD PUFF PUFF Festival. There will be puff puff in different versions, spices and stuff.

So, yea, expect chocolate puff and puff puff dipped in caramel. This is where we are supposed to take a break, I know. We already have too much puff puff information to take in.

How would chocolate puff puff taste, the guts! If that isn’t desecration, I don’t know what is. We can as well just keep our fingers crossed yea? Who knows what other surprises we are in for? The thought of people coming together to talk, share, eat, celebrate puff puff is already as creepy as it seems. So…

Anyway, tickets to World Puff Puff festival/ World puff puff day are available on

If you would like to listen to the chatter on the internet, you can follow these hashtags, #WPPDOct27, #WorldPuffpuffDayOct27. You can also follow @DangoteKitchen for more details. I hear that there is also some cash for grabs, see full details here.

world puff puff festival

So,  what do you think? I might as well decide to go if you are going. Speaking of follow follow though.

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