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Working out for the first time? (Feminine version). I gat you sis!

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If you have been on my blog for a while, you’d realize that the most recent routine I added to my life is a workout routine. At first, I started with a different goal. I wanted to have an excuse to move around because, to be honest with you, fam, full-time Blogging is not like you read about it. It is grueling and sedentary. That’s a very bad combination for anyone who wants to live very long.

The resolve to be more active and fit coincided with a hater’s comment at me. He called me fat. Or, he asked, in his own words, ‘Jeez! Is dis Adeniyi Esther?🙆‍♂ Y ar u dis fat new’

He called me fat!

I know, dude couldn’t even write properly but it’s funny how that got to me. I don’t know why I haven’t done a podcast as regards this but it appears this will be what I will be discussing on the next episode of Adulting on the Go.

One thing I learned from dealing with that comment and the aftermath of it was that you need a bit of hatred to motivate you. It’s the bitter truth, but sometimes the push you need comes in someone’s ill words.

First, I blocked him. Because that was his second strike. Then, I used his bile for motivation. I had always wanted to incorporate workout and create a routine of it. I guess it was time.

Remember, I wasn’t doing it to lose weight but to be fit and healthy. Funny, all of a sudden, after that episode (and some of the encouraging words I received), I fell madly in love with my body. I turned to look at my butt in the mirror, my hips, my boobs, and my bloated stomach.

Damn, I was well rounded. Lol, that was how a woman put it to me. Ahahahaha. I was walking down the road when she called me to say that. So if I don’t want to lose anything, it is this beautiful, awesome, curvy, round, voluptuous body!

I have incorporated workout into my lifestyle and it has been one of the most beautiful addition ever! This is the real level up. It is how to glow up and glam up. It was very difficult on the first day but as time went by, I began to crave for the gym.

working out for the first time

I just wanted to workout. You know, when I am sad, bored, down or pissed, I didn’t know how to handle it but it’s amazing how the first thing I think of now is a walk. I am proud of how far I have come. Exercise is truly addictive. You should read my piece on other benefits of exercising that is not weight loss. Maybe this will get you excited about working out.

So much for an introduction, let’s get right to it sis. I am assuming I have been able to talk you into incorporating workout into your life or you have always wanted to start and are finally ready to. What I want to do is to prepare you. I want to get you to start right and do this well.

Everything you need to know as a starter is what I will share. Trust me, I gat you. In fact, what we usually do not talk about (for modesty and propriety), am’ma say them because somehow, there are some concerns no one addresses.

So, yea, this is the feminine version of whatever anyone else has intimated you with about starting workouts for the first time.

9 tips to note if you are starting your workout for the first time

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These tips are most valuable for people who are registering and starting their workout in the gym.

1. Invest in good underwear

Don’t start your workout without solid underwear. This is the foundation of your exercise wear. Good underwear will give you all the confidence that you need to work out well. If you have to tug at your bra and adjust your panties in the process of working out, you are going to lose out on the fun.

What you want to do is to get a very good and supportive sports bra. When you are jumping up and down, your boobs should be in place. Your sports bra should be firm enough to support your boobs and keep it from playing around under your fitness wear.

This is so important so that you do not end up with a perfect body and saggy boobs. Not cool.

Get panties that are neither too tight or too loose. Usually, some of the sports leggings that you may buy might be transparent, so you might want to wear dark-colored panties with invisible lining. This is so that you are not body conscious all through your workout sessions.

2. Personal hygiene is the keyword

So, ladies, let’s talk about this one. I am happy that this is coming up now. Personal hygiene is important. You may not have to take your bath early in the morning, that is not absolutely necessary.

In fact, the only time I take my bath before a workout session is when there is too much cold. Having my bath helps me feel less cold. I do not know if this happens to everyone but this is how I feel. Don’t worry, you will find what works for you.

Your armpits – you can do a quick local washing of your armpits because this is where most of the body smell originates from. Local washing of your armpit will let you apply a deodorant or roll on.

Your vee-jay – oh yes, you don’t want to be smelling down there. I know that it might be difficult to keep that place under control especially after you sweat profusely but you can take simple steps like washing and thoroughly drying, wearing panties that are not too tight and keeping your leggings as clean as possible.

You don’t want your instructor leaning close and regretting he tried that. You may need help, that’s just the truth. Think about your sit-ups. Dude or babe may have to help hold your legs in place or assist you in some other way. Be clean.

Your footwear – after a while, they will begin to smell, you can’t avoid that. So, make sure that you wear socks or you wash them regularly.

Your mouth – brush your teeth darling. It is early in the morning, yes, I know but brush your teeth like you would any other day or time.

You see, your personal hygiene is very important, will even allow you the freedom to move. If you are body conscious and you feel that you smell awful, you are going to end up feeling miserable all through your workout.

3. Register in a gym with a trainer

You should register with a gym that has instructors. Some gyms are just a warehouse for equipment of all sorts. People come, jump on any of them and leave, not knowing which is for which and what is for what. They do not know if all of the moves they did are proper for their forms and if they are supposed to be doing them anyway.

Get a gym with a trainer. Ask questions. How many days of the week are you going to be instructed? For how long? What does a typical day look like? How much of aerobics, yoga, strength training, etc is done? You might even go in to check their workouts before paying. Well, this is if you are allowed to.

4. Work closely with your trainer

When you are certain that you will be working with your trainer, make sure they know if there are some health challenges you want them to be aware of. At the end of the day, you only, are responsible for your body.

It doesn’t matter is the sessions are group sessions, if your instructor knows of your body inadequacies, exercise moves can be slightly twisted to fit your body. Are you asthmatic, let them know.

I, for example, have weak knees. This means that I can’t put so much weight on it. So, things like squats might be very difficult for me to do. My trainer just asks me not to go very low. This is because I already told him. So, tell them.

5. Understand that some pain is normal

You are going to feel pain after the workout. If you did everything right, your arms or legs or back or thighs will feel sore. Your muscles may feel tight. These are normal. However, there are instances where you might be working with a trainer who is very insensitive. This may cause that you are given really stressful moves that may put too much strain on your body. This kind of pain is very unnecessary and as I mentioned earlier, you alone are responsible for yourself.

A trainer might claim to care about you (some of them really do) but then, there is usually oversight. There is usually the part where they compare you with other trainees. The part where they expect you to do more. The kind of pain from this type of workout, I repeat, is absolutely unnecessary and very irresponsible. Besides this, understand that pain is very normal.

6. The first time is just the beginning

If you are in here for the long haul, you might need to begin to prep your mind and body for consistency. Consistency is very very important in this whole process. Like you are starting to workout for the first time, you may experience pains that will make you resent your next workout session but know this, all you need to do is show up.

Just show up and let things lead to one another. Also if you can, place motivating factors around you and use them as an end in sight. Visualize the end – a healthy and fit body, a stronger form, two dress sizes less, toned body, more endurance, etc. Just look at what you stand to gain if you continue consistently.

7. Invest in a good pair of training footwear

This is non-negotaiable. A good sportswear will give you a lot of support so that you avoid treating feet issues. It is tempting to start out with fashionable footwear. Please don’t give in. Make sure that you are going into that gym, ready, with good and supportive shoes.

If you try to delay the purchase of good footwear, it might take a very long time to eventually get one. So make sure that your feet are ready. Now you can jump, squat, bend, stretch, without having to worry about the durability of what is on your feet.

8. Make friends

If you want to have fun, make friends. Do you remember that I mentioned you put different motivating factors in place? One of such is having friends you can’t wait to meet. Also, if you are lucky to have supportive friends, they might push and motivate you and together you can meet your fitness goals.

A tip is to make one or two friends on the first day. Do not go beyond the first day to initiate conversations and establish a rapport because it might look very awkward the next time.

Exchange numbers and promise to call as a courtesy. I know how difficult it is for us girls to draw towards other girls but if you want to have a fun-filled and inspiring workout life, you will need to make friends.

9. Emotionally detach from the opposite sex

I am not sure anyone else talks about this. We probably are just glossing over it and making it seem not much of a big deal but girl, if you are going to start working out, I will be damned to not warn you.

If you are comfortable with random flings, one-day lusts, and reckless romance, oh well, this might not matter but if you do not want all of this, most especially, if you want a drama-free fitness life, draw a line.

You are going to see fit guys. You will meet men whose body might make you wet. Lol, can we be for real? So let’s do this.

Your fitness trainer might even be your temptation. Great body, nice moves. Also, imagine he has to pair you with another trainee with a fabulous body. Damn!

If there’s going to be a relationship between any of you in there, you must be careful that it follows the due, traditional course. You are the prize, always remember that! He is the one chasing. He is to woo you, and properly too. Appropriately.

He is to ask you out. You are not leaving workout sessions to go Netflix and Chill. Snap out already if someone in that gym makes you wet. You are only lusting after him, period. If anything serious and meaningful is going to come out of what’s going on here, it sure is going to be more than just flings and directionless emotions.

Are you working out for the first time? When do you hope to start? Did you find these tips useful? Please share your thoughts with me in the comments section and do not forget to share this piece with your friends too. You can start by pinning to your fitness and health boards.

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