Women and money

Women and money; perception, handling and multiplication

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Until established and successful women began to talk about money, money was scarce talk in the women community. I think there is a sort of “women are not bright enough to handle, let alone multiply money” perception in the society.

That alone isn’t the only problem. There was and still is the other issue of if women even had the right to be stinkingly rich asides their men. You can be very rich as a woman but we should most definitely trace it to your father or husband. How else did you acquire that much wealth if it was otherwise?

And the spending of it. You can buy a new phone, but the car is tad too much. Especially if you are single! Oh, you even want to rent an apartment? Worse!

In fact, there are some states in Nigeria wherein landlords do a thorough interviewing and research on single women who are about to get a really nice apartment. You are not allowed to rent apartments this cool. Questions like, ‘who is the man in your life’ begin to come up in landlord-prospective tenants conversations if a woman is to put down the money.

There is an extra issue of asking for money. It seems like a sort of unspoken rule. You dare not ask for more money whichever form it comes in – a raise at work, for example. A friend said her boss confidently said to her, “you have no children yet, what do you need more money for?”

Caroline Mutoko and these three beautiful women discussed intelligently, general money restrictions when it comes to women and I think you should watch it. There is a part 1 and a part 2 of Women and Money. This is totally worth your data, speaking of investments.

Women and Money Part 1

Women and Money Part 2

Women and Money Part 3

At what point as a woman did you begin to handle or even think about money as a part of living?

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