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Why You Should Learn About Contraception

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A married woman whose last delivery was about 7 months ago came bleeding, please don’t ask me where from. She claimed it was just her menses that became unusually heavy, but from my little experience, I knew something was not right. Further investigation into the matter revealed that she had attempted an abortion with some pills, and that was why blood was flowing ceaselessly; literally like a stream of terminally dribbling urine.

Another mother of 6 children who was pregnant with the 7th child also tried a termination and was successful but ended up terminating herself alongside. These didn’t happen in one dark hamlet in the back of beyond, like those ones with largely uneducated people in the north; they happened in a metropolis like Ibadan and Lagos.

While not trying to spoil your day with these sad stories, I think it is important that we be reminded of the fact that the consequences of abortions done inappropriately could be far reaching.

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Do you know that Nigeria has one of the highest rates of induced abortions in the world?
Unbelievable!!! Unfortunately, there’s no data to back up this claim because abortion is illegal in the country; so most induced miscarriages are either done by charlatans, or qualified practitioners in the dark. Consequently, only the data for the complicated cases are available.

I saw a statistical report that put the rate in developing countries at 37 per 1000 women and I could only laugh at it, when one quack who owns a shop in the bush could do as much as 15 in a day. I will not delve into the debate on the pros and cons of legalizing abortion; however, I can point out that the prevention of unwanted pregnancy is legal and extremely affordable, as at the last time I checked.

There are many ways (contraceptives) to prevent pregnancy; calendar method, withdrawal
method, condoms, use of pills, injections, implants and the application of IUCD (intrauterine
contraceptive device). Get more information about these and help yourself and the women/girls around you, don’t assume you would always get away with it as usual. The fact that some pills brought the unformed baby out for your friend doesn’t mean they’ll work for you.

If you like drink all the salt in this world, when you get pregnant, it will be like a nollywood movie.

This guest post is by Abiodun Omonori

Abiodun Omonori is an interesting writer, skillfully admixing a fine blend of humour and reality. A medical doctor with interest in sexual and mental health, as well as preventive medicine.

Photo source: Telegraph

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