Why You Need a Side Hustle

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We all are aware of how some states in Nigeria could not pay their workers. It’s becoming an alarming issue because even the relief funds sent to them by the federal government  was channeled somewhere else. More shocking is that some states hadn’t paid their workers in more than three months. It’s a lot to deal with if I must be truthful here.

I can only imagine a family with both parents working for the state. Feeding,  health care,  transport fares (especially if none is mobile),  maintenance,  think about anything,  any basic thing a family should have to survive.

Everybody should have a side job,  something they can fall back on when things like these happen. There are times when you need some money before your monthly allowance. Some workers live on debt.  They borrow to spend for the month and when they have their salaries in their accounts,  they pay off these debts. They are as a result pennyless for the rest of another working month.  So even when the government is paying regularly and promptly,  you still need a side hustle you can bank on at any time.

A side hustle provides financial confidence and security when unforseen situations crop up. A close friend might be in such a dire need and you really want to help. A side hustle can meet that need. An impromptu travelling expense,  a sudden hike in daily expenses (inflation),  an increase in an already budgeted item etc.

It can also bring you more career fulfillment and increase your daily productivity. Some lawyers have ended up being fashion journalists, doctors have become script writers. If your terrible job drains you of your energy,  your fulfilling side hustle may cushion the effect until you can figure out a way.

Find a side job today.

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