why you are not serious with your blog
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Why you are not serious with your blog

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Last week, on my Instagram page, I shared a teaser to this post (why you are not serious with your blog) because I quickly realized that many Bloggers spend time on Instagram than on many other social media networks. If you are not following me on Instagram, please follow, especially if you would like juicy blogging tips and advice. My handle is @estheradeniyisblog.


Now, when I have the chance to meet with Bloggers and have one on one discussions, I realize that many of the issues or blogging challenges they seem to have all stem from one root. In fact, for some of the Bloggers I meet, I tell them that the issue they are battling with isn’t exactly the problem. The problem is something deeper, something they have not even considered it is and until they get around to tackling that, it will be a sad merry-go-round blogging journey.

A lot of people complain about inconsistency for example. Some other people complain of lack of time, not enough resources, lack of ideas, nothing to post at all, not enough engagement etc. Perhaps I can suggest the root problems.

One, you have no end in sight. Two, you have no expectations, nothing. The blog is just there. You see, if you have to make money from your blog, if the probability of landing that next big job is increased because of an active blog, if your blog is for a cause, or your chance at driving online influence depends on a successful blog, you’d be serious with it.

There are no two ways to this. The reason you are not consistent and you keep on starting and stopping is because there is no end in sight, simple. You have no legitimate cause. In fact, let me tell you this one thing, if you deleted your blog, or you never had the blog, it really isn’t going to be a major disaster for you.

I am sorry, this may come on too strongly, but your blog is probably not a necessary thing for you right now. If it was, you’d be serious with it.

What you have to do now is go back to the drawing board to define your cause, your blogging purpose, your reason. What do you want to achieve with that blog? What is your blogging purpose?

If it is to build influence online, state it. If you opened a blog to simply connect and build online relationships, state it. If it is to make money, do same. If you opened your blog to have an avenue to express yourself or build an online portfolio, state it. In doing this, you can also easily track your results and know for sure how to judge your output. In defining your blogging purpose, it is going to be way easier to measure progress and know if you are on the right track.

Get to the drawing board and state things clearly, then start over. If you would like me to work with you to get your blog to a better place, please send me an email at esther.adeniyi@gmail.com. Have a lovely weekend.

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