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Why no one is reading your blog (+ what to do about it)

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Why no one is reading your blog, Esther Adeniyi

One of the most difficult things to do when you start blogging is getting people to read what you have written. Hide it all you want, it’s discouraging to write and have nobody read it. By ‘nobody’, I mean, not having as many people as you would like to read your blog posts. Because, actually, someone reads your blog posts. Your mum, perhaps.

Boo, your best friend, that work colleague who’s been asking you to start a blog, they read your blog at least. If not for anything, at least for support. Don’t be surprised that it’s such a chore to some of your folks but they would do anything for you, anything.

Some people come on social media to say that they do not need anybody’s validation. They do not care about how many likes they have and how many people are responding to what they have shared. Ehm, if you have ever said this before and/or you happily share in this school of thought, this blog post is not for you. I don’t want to waste your time, really.

If you do not blog for people to read your posts, I mean, your blog is private, it is just an online journal;  your blog is a wedding blog and your wedding is way past, this one is not for you too. You can just read to pass time, I want company anyway.


If you never really put much thought into your blog posts, they mean little or nothing to you and you really don’t care about how far they travel; in fact, you would rather hide your blog posts than have anyone stumble on them, this blog post is not for you. It will scream all shades of condemnation if you continue.


You are on this paragraph because you are exasperated, you are working hard to have people read what you are writing. You are tired of driving traffic to your blog and because you have tried virtually everything everybody has had to say about gaining traffic to your blog, you are already on the verge of throwing in the towel.

Saddening is the fact that you put in a lot of time creating beautiful content. You have had to interview people, get facts and opinions of some, go on an extensive research, burnt internet data to churn out quality post. Yet, still, only a handful of people ever get to read them. You check your stats and they are so depressing.

The only reason I can accurately describe how you feel is because I have been there before. Don’t go on assuming that I do not need more blog readers. No, blog readers are never too many, I think. So, this is not an ‘I have arrived. Let me teach you how to get here’ post.

I write about this because I am not where I used to be. I am not where I am having ‘no one’ read my blog. I have left that point where I practically had to shove my blog in people’s faces. I guess you can learn one or two from me then, right?

Why is no one reading your blog?

why no one is reading your blog

1. Your content is crap crap crap

Any average blog reader knows crappy content. You don’t want to create content that people find insulting to their intellect and expect them to come back.

Lazy Bloggers try to throw in this, throw in that, add annoying images and then publish. This is not even about post length. You can write short and make plenty of sense. You can write long and write rubbish. This is about delivering on what you should deliver.

Is your blog post supposed to be a personal experience, be as detailed as possible. Is it supposed to be about something people are desperately searching for, be as detailed as possible. Is it supposed to be a fun post, try all you can to put in the fun.

A friend of mine usually says that every Blogger should strive to convince/ satisfy that first time reader. I would not agree less. That first time reader is going to be your advocate. He is going to mention your blog to someone else. His friend is going to like what you write and mention to someone else.

Write content that matters. Create beautiful blog posts. Referral traffic is one way to get adamant loyalists, advocates and blog evangelists.

2. You are not consistent. In fact, you are very inconsistent.

Quality blog posts are not all. You need to always show up when you say you will. If you are in the habit of writing a baddass blog post and disappearing for weeks, you are going to lose the few people you have tried to gather.

They have nothing new to read. They believe you are not serious about talking with them. Like I usually say, consistency is not about blogging every day or every hour, it is about showing up every time you have resolved to. It’s okay if you want to blog just once in a week. I would advise that you blog more however. Once in a week is too less frequent a time to keep blog readers. You will have to go call them from their homes to read your blog posts every time you publish.

The only time you can pull off once per week blogging is if you blog extremely valuable posts. They can’t resist you if you are too good to be ignored. They really can’t help it. Otherwise, blog more than once per week.

You can read my blog post on how to blog consistently.

3. You are not talking about your blog enough

I get it, the blogging ego. I would like to think every blogger has had to fight this one. I also get that you don’t talk about your blog too frequently because it would look like you are bugging people.

If your blog really matters to you and you want people to read what you write on it, you will have to learn how to ingrain your blog on the hearts of people. Share your blog posts on social media. Share your blog posts with friends you know might be interested. Join groups and share your blog posts on them.

Be proactive about your blog. Know when to talk about your blog in public. There are times that your blog should be part of your personal introduction.

4. You are not milking free organic traffic

When I first started to blog, I did not know about organic traffic as much as I do now. Search Engine optimization was not even in my dictionary at all. I most definitely didn’t know how much I was losing and how many people would get to read my blog posts on their own.

On those days when you don’t write anything on your blog and are probably not sharing your blog posts, what do expect your blog stats to look like if you aren’t getting anything from search engines? There is definitely spill over traffic from the blog posts you have shared from days earlier and from people who just get to hear about you and decide to check your blog and from people who would check your blog every day because they are hopelessly in love with your blog.

You however can’t bank on this type of traffic absolutely. You need more people to read your blog. Right? Optimize your blog for search engines. Milk free organic traffic.

Here is a great post on how to get organic traffic to your blog

5. Your post titles suck

If your post titles are not catchy, people won’t click on that link. If they don’t spark curiosity, then let your post titles promise to solve a problem. If you are going to whine about your day or talk about your new bag, let your post title be irresistible because, errrrr, the average blog reader is selfish.

Getting people to read your blog requires that you begin to implement proactive steps. Don’t be bound by these suggestions. Look into other ways too and if they work for you, stick with them. Blogging is a journey, remember?

What are you planning to do from now on? How do you intend to get more people to read your blog, starting from now. Please share with me in the comments section. If you have any questions or suggestions too, I would like to have them in the comments section. Be assured that I will respond as soon as I can.

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