Why my first blog failed
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Why my first blog failed (and what I did differently)

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I am happy there was a first blog because it afforded me a lot of experimenting. Why else would I be discussing why my first blog failed if there wasn’t a hell of experimenting?

Truth be told, I had no direction, nothing in view, no goals, maybe a target audience and a vague description of who I wanted to reach but that was it.

It was an unplanned platform; it was birthed out of a yearning to connect, yes, but how? I wish I still have traces of my first blog on the internet.

I learned a lot of lessons from having a first blog and picked up from my mistakes for correction. I would like to share them with you and also state all the things I have tried to do differently.

It is my utmost desire that you learn from my mistakes and begin to correct them if you are making the same.

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why my first blog failed

1. I was on a subdomain for too long

My blog name as at the time was thenigerianstudent.blogspot.com. I went on ahead to leave my new blog as at the time  -estheradeniyi.blogspot.com under a subdomain for too long too. I seemed to not have learned quickly that:

i. a lot of people would not take me seriously, it didn’t matter how seriously I took myself, even if I did. Of all the blog investments to make, buying a domain name is number one. Please read this article before you go on ahead to buy a blog domain name if you haven’t.

I mean, this was even on Blogger where hosting was completely free. All I needed to get was a domain name and it would be all.

ii. Being on a subdomain would make it difficult to earn from your blog. In fact, brands prefer Bloggers who already have a domain name than those who don’t have.

iii. a sub-domain was too long a URL to memorize.

2. I didn’t care much about my blog readers

I opened my blog to talk about myself and challenges as an average Nigerian student. Little did I know that the only people that could get away with that are the Kardashians.

Other than these folks, no one is dying to know what you ate on Tuesday afternoon. We are all looking for information and value. I learned much later that to get people to connect with me, I have to offer something worth their time.

3. My traffic generation technique was wrong

As at the time, Facebook was the only place I could share my blog. People, however, did not even use Facebook as much in 2011. Whatsapp became popular much later and I made the mistake of sharing my blog posts in there too frequently too.

4. My blog design was wack

Nonresponsive and uncoordinated was what my blog looked like as at the time. People need to feel at home on a blog and I failed at that.

5. I began to compare myself with other Bloggers

As soon as blogging began to become popular gradually, I was binging on other blogs and comparing my blog to theirs. I was never accepting of my journey.

I blamed myself for not having enough resources, for not writing a certain way, for not even looking a certain way.

6. I blogged only on Wednesdays

Now, someone else can pull this off and not have an issue. Your blogging niche might just accommodate one blog post per week but not mine.

I expected people to wait 7 days to have something new to read? Remember that even the ‘something’ was about me?

7. There was no big picture

For a blog to survive and thrive, there always has to be a plan, a big picture, some goal, some definition. This is what keeps you pushing even when the chips are down. Read my blog post on – seriously, why do you blog?

When I opened Esther Adeniyi, I carried on with some of those mistakes. I didn’t quite understand that they were causing a drag in my journey.

I gradually began to learn things the hard way. I needed someone to tell me that my blog was too dry. I needed someone to ask me to stop sharing my links on Whatsapp. These were really devastating remarks but I knew something had to be done about it.

It’s been a ride of learning from new mistakes even on my current blog. I am grateful and thankful for how far this blog has come and how much I myself have grown as a Blogger.

If you are looking to start your own blog, check out my walkthrough on how to start your own blog by yourself here.

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