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Seriously, why do you blog?

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why do you blog

Two weeks ago, a Blogger friend hit Blogging rock bottom. She was very tired. ‘Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing?’, she asked.

Very frequently, Bloggers ask me questions bordering around this. They ask what I think they are not doing right. They are not making as much impact, money, connections as they would love to.

‘Why aren’t people even commenting on my blog?’ another Blogger asked me. She said she feels like she isn’t interesting enough. Why wouldn’t people be moved to drop a comment? Maybe I don’t make sense. Maybe…

We will get to burnout at different times of our blogging. Some people will burnout more frequently than others. I want to say that I totally relate and understand that feeling. I have been there many times, y’all know I don’t hide that, shey?

So, this is it – whenever people complain to me at their rock bottom moments, I realize that more often than not, one method works more than the rest. And this is trying to find out and get them to dig deep into the original, core reason(s) why they opened a blog in the first place.


This has helped a lot. It has helped so much that I have decided that it would be great to share this here with you. In the course of blogging, purpose may change. Your original reasons may not involve blog monetization. Along the line, you may aspire to begin earning from your blog.

What matters however is knowing why you want to blog/are blogging per time. Did you open your blog to establish quality relations and connect with people? That single comment on your blog is proof that you are right on track. That page view is evidence that you did it.

You will improve as time goes but you are not off track.You won’t use the same metric a Blogger who is solely blogging to sell uses to assess your blogging success

There are many other reasons why people blog

1. To establish the online presence of their businesses
2. To connect with company’s customers
3. To garner online influence and power
4. To satisfy their creative sides
5. To build an advertising platform
6. ‎To propagate a cause
7. To promote an event
8. ‎To build authority in a chosen field or career
9. ‎To sharpen their writing skills
10. ‎To build an online portfolio for prospective employers and clients

If you have never thought deeply about why you actually blog, you might want to find (pick) one or two reasons. This will help you stay on track.

Now, here is the tricky one, the reason that puts many Bloggers under pressure and that’s opening a blog to make money. When it seems as if the traffic that will definitely convert to big money isn’t coming, they lose the desire to blog and this happens very frequently until they hit the jackpot or they finally quit blogging.

Here is what I want to do with this blog post – I want you to think deeply in order to find out why you are blogging. If you didn’t have a specific reason for opening a blog, find and define it now.

What this will do is that it will help you forge ahead even when you can’t seem to go on. When you think about why you are blogging, it will be enough reason to stay put.

Why do you blog? If you don’t blog anymore, why did you open the blog as at when it was active?

P. S- Cheers to blogging. I love you, especially because you read my blog and respond to me.

P. S. S – If you would like us to work together to move your blog to the next level, send an e-mail to

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