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Why Do My Breasts Hurt?

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It is normal for anybody to get worried over abnormal changes in the body,  no matter how slight.  Your ‘twins’  are tender parts of your beautiful body.  It’s okay to ask questions like, ‘Why do my breasts hurt after a run or at the beginning or end of the month?’

It is also fascinating to know that your breasts are so tender that there is not one single bone in them.

Once in a while,  you might experience some pain in there.  Sometimes this pain can be so excruciating that it may cause you to wake up intermittently in the middle of the night. It is not as serious as you might think. You don’t need to be in front of the doctor’s office again.

I know how overly conscious one can become because of the information we have access to here and there as regards feminine health but we can just relax and know that it is mostly not serious.

You may also need to know that pain is rarely a symptom of breast cancer. 

Other accompanying signs may spell something bad.  Signs apart from soreness and tenderness may not be good.  Examples are nipple discharge or breast lump.

Your bra is not your exact size

Stringed undersized bras are the most culprits. Wearing a bra not your size will cause your breasts to have difficulty ‘breathing’ thereby hurting you.  If this continues to happen for a very long time,  pain may result.

This post talks about how to know if your bra doesn’t fit

A Premenstrual symptom

Asides from lower back pain,  nausea,  cramps,  leg pain,  facial pimples,  breast pain may also be a symptom of PMS. Your breasts may feel soft and hurtful during this time. Your nipples especially hurt and become sore.  For some women,  it is just a passing phase.  After some months, it isn’t part of their PMS anymore.

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Hormonal changes

Hormones are at a high surge during menstruation and pregnancy. Menopause can also cause them to hurt. Just like I mentioned earlier,  PMS is a case associated with hormonal changes.  Women,  especially the younger women in their first trimester also have swollen and tender breasts.

You are exerting on it too much pressure

When you are working out or engaged in any sweat activity,  it is important to wear a supportive bra.  A good sports bra is a reasonable investment. Allowing your breasts to roam about under pressure or when running can result in pain and hurt after sometime.


Yes,  it is also a factor.  It is difficult to believe this but stress is a killer.  Some women bear serious consequences when they subject themselves to stress. Some women begin to bleed . That’s how ridiculously dangerous stress is.  It may also be a cause of your breast pain.

Breast feeding 

When your breasts are filled with milk,  you may begin to nurse the pain.  Squeezing out may help.  The actual act of breast feeding also causes the boobs to hurt.  This is most common with first time mothers.

Excessive weight gain

Yeah,  right. It is usually experienced more when  the weight add is sudden and there is not much time for the tissues in the breasts to readjust to the change. This eventually makes your breasts to hurt a little.

If you however have other serious symptoms like fever,  discharge, discolouration,  bleeding through the nipples,  pain lasting more than two weeks etc.,  please see your health care provider.

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