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What to do when you don’t feel like Blogging

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If this makes you feel better, I don’t always feel like blogging. I have gone a month without the blogging vibe and even though you were supposed to know, you didn’t, and that’s because I practised what I am about to share with you very soon.

Blogging can be draining, I get it. It can also be boring if you have this to do full-time and you don’t have as many blogging friends as you should. What you essentially do as a blogger, is connect with people you don’t physically see by sharing information or experiences.

What this means is that there are days you are not inspired to share anything just because. If what you do is connect by sharing experiences, there are days when you certainly don’t feel like ‘talking’. This happens all the time, even in the physical world.

What happens if this goes on for longer than usual? How do you keep expectant readers satisfied when you don’t even feel like blogging? I have a few tips that might help you pull through this phase.

what to do when you don't feel like blogging

Republish old content

When you don’t feel like blogging, it is an opportunity to check out outdated content and work on them. Thankfully, this also helps your organic traffic. When you update an existing content with new information and links, search engines see this as fresh and relevant and you may as well go up in rankings. If you want it, I could write a blog post on how to rank on search engines by updating old blog content, you have no idea what repurposing content does to your general SEO.

It also affords you the opportunity to correct a wrong notion, old thoughts and update stale information. You have a ‘new’ blog post and an updated blog content. Win-win.

Ask for a guest post

You can ask someone to write for you. This may be another Blogger or just a friend you are certain needs your push to share a spectacular experience or review of something. In this period where you don’t feel like blogging, approach a few people and ask them if they would like to write on your blog.

This way you have new people for your blog readers to read and an updated blog at the same time. Please remember that you may have to give your guest writers something in return. It could be a link to their own blogs, so that your blog readers can visit theirs too, it could be exposure of their services or what they do. Just be gracious about it.

Find Inspiration

Every content creator has that one thing or a list of things that bring back the vibes. A Graphics Designer I know plays games. He says that during this time, ideas and colour inspiration begin to flow.

Another Graphics Designer I know listens to music. I know of a friend who finds inspiration when she goes to sleep. I don’t know how that’s possible. Perhaps it has something to do with dreamland, lol.

For me, I watch movies and read. I read books, articles, blogs, anything. When I am full of too many things to share, I am quickly motivated to write. Sometimes watching a movie reminds me of a million things I would love to write about, the movie review inclusive.

Take a break

I know this doesn’t sound like it but I have experienced blogging burnouts a couple of times and as a result, I just didn’t feel like blogging for a while. Most often than not, pressure and low expectations are reasons why you burnout as a Blogger.

As such you become so exasperated that you don’t even want to do anything on that blog. What I suggest is that you take a step back and take a break. Just sit back and relax. Do other things asides blogging.

Do other blogging tasks

This might just be the time for you to take stock of your blogging life and do all of the other blogging tasks you have postponed for so long. Reach out to the other Blogger, delete the redundant posts you said you would (please do this the right way, let me know in the comments section if you need this), get active on social media, respond to the blog comments you ignored for so long, redesign your blog header, assign categories to the old posts that have no category, take some blogging lessons, etc.

Do other fun blogging stuff if you really don’t feel like writing at all. You could do blogging stuff away from your blog like attend the blogging cookout, meet-up or event. You might even come back home with some inspiration and motivation.

Write easy content

What I mean by easy content is content that doesn’t require too much from you. Do you have a video you just watched on YouTube, if it’s something you really want to share with your friends, why not share it on your blog. All you have to do is write what has inspired you to share it.

Let me know if you have never shared a video on your blog and would like to know how to. There are also better ways to share videos, I could teach you that too.

Examples of other easy content are listicles, music, web roundup, finds all over the internet, quotes, pictures from an event etc.

When next you don’t feel like blogging do one or more of any of these tips. Hopefully, these tips help you bounce back up. Happy blogging fam.

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