When last did you wash your bra?

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When last did you wash your bra, Esther Adeniyi

I was jejely on my own o when a friend sent this to me on Whatsapp. See picture below:

Someone is asking if washing bra is even a thing. I shook brethren!

There was a time this was a popular subject on Facebook. General underwear cleanliness was just a viral topic. Oh well, many folks claimed Mrs neat, prim and proper.

So, I am wondering, how on earth would you feel comfortable going back to put on a bra that’s two weeks gone? It doesn’t even matter how inactive you are during the day. It begins to change smell. And for a lightly coloured bra, you can obviously see dirty patches everywhere.

Pity our boobs na

Give or take, I personally think that 3-4 days should do, you should switch to another bra. Hygiene isn’t only limited to your outward appearance. Your supporting underwear is important. Which one is dirty slay queen?

That bra that you are wearing now now, when last did you wash it? Say the truth and let the devil be ashamed.

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