When is the best time to get married?

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When to get married

At what age should anyone be ready to get married? When can I be so sure as to be able to handle the weight of marriage and enjoy its bliss? A lot of people ask these questions primarily because they do not want to miss it. I think many people are very apprehensive and skeptical about this institution.

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Truth be told, the rate of marital divorce and domestic violence is on the increase and it is really enough to get any lady scared. Many ladies want to exert caution. I conducted an opinion poll on my Facebook wall and I got very interesting reactions. 
A group of people particularly stated age brackets. Another group emphasized on the need to downplay age in consideration of maturity and that maturity in the very important aspects of life is what is exactly needed to determine when to get married.

Read some of the comments on the best time to get married below:

When ure mature enough… One can be 35 and still have a kids mentality”

“Female 22 to 30
 Male 30 to 35″

“Females 21 medically speaking”

“To me, marriage is about maturity not by age”

“Female 18 male 27, I got married when I was 27 and everything is moving steadily OK”

“When you have mental, physical and financial sense”

“When you are ready”

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“Reality based, I doubt if there’s any best age for marriage anywhere. However, theoretical, all things being equal, a lady should be fit for marriage between the ages of 20-25 and a man, 25-30. By that they can start raising kids on time and it will save them from paying their children’s school fee with their pensions”

“God’s time”

” There’s no best age for marriage. The universe on its own does not give you the prerogatives to determine the best of time, but a preferable time to do something. For instance you can prefer to marry at age 25 because you feel that’s the best time for you. But that does not mean you must marry at 25 with the plot-twisting way the universe can bring up unfavorable circumstances”

So, in conclusion, I would generally say to get married when you are matured in many areas and you are sure about it. Your emotional, physical and mental maturity are very important. It is also important that you consider the financial factor. Your finances are not enough to hold you back but plan, you should to avoid bitter stories later.

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