What to do every morning to jump start your brain

What to do every morning to jump start your brain

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If you have not read my post on how waking up at 5 AM entirely changed my life and turned it around for good, you might want to stop by at that post just before you continue with this one.

You see, waking up that early is not everything at the end of the day. What you do with that precious time of the day is. What is the first set of things you do as soon as you open your eyes into the new day?

A lot of people are talking about morning routines every now and then and while this is such a good way to motivate people to do better, be better, we are missing out one very important thing.

I watched this video on YouTube and I must say that I am not only compelled internally to share, I feel that it is my responsibility to share. I am not going to say what it is that would help you jump start your brain, I want you to hear it by yourself in the video.

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stop doing this in the morning, you will never be lazy again

I am sincerely hoping that by listening and watching, something changes in your life and you begin to approach your mornings differently. Starting the day right with so much enthusiasm and passion begins from what we do right from the moment we wake up.

Watch below, Jim Kwik’s video on Be Inspired.

I would love us to write things that we have gained from this video and our action plans going forward in the comments section. For me, it is to deliberately switch off the blue light on my phone (I didn’t even know its purpose and the reason why it is significant until now) and not even pick it up at all until I am done with the proper morning routine required to help me jump start my day into productivity.

P.S – How to banish morning fatigue

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I found it to be quite profound in the definitions and explanations he speaks about in our daily routines and life. I really enjoyed it and found it helpful. I will definitely be researching more about this topic and morning routines/productivity/focus and the like! You’ve got a great blog, if you are interested in one to check out as well- mine is ! XOXO – Sam

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      I am glad you liked it! Checking your blog out now too.

  2. Ashley says:

    Wow! This is totally so informative and exciting to here. It was something that I really needed. Glad I came across your blog. This helps me on so many levels. Now the challenge is putting it into action and actually doing it.

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      I am very glad this has helped you!

  3. Omg. I loved the part in the video when he talks about verbs versus nouns. “Doing” love, or motivation, or creativity, versus “having” these things. We are so capable. The brain is magic.

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      I love that part very much too. The brain is a very powerful organ. I wish we knew how to maximize it to its full capacity for a fulfilling and productive lifestyle.

  4. Thanks for sharing with us Esther

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      It’s a pleasure! Thank you stopping by too.

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