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What to do after you binge eat

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The thought of dealing with the aftermath of a binge can be tiring and entirely frustrating. No doubt a lot of negative emotions heap on you right after you binge eat.

Although you have successfully downed a month’s worth of calories in one day or maybe a week, you certainly do not want to make the next mistake of allowing the bloating and the weight set right in without a fight.

Guess what?

Everyone overeats at one time or the other and it is never so bad. So yes, if you are wondering what to do after you binge eat, the first best step remains – do not panic.

What is a binge?

Simply put, a binge means eating too much within a short period of time. You know how you just keep eating more even while feeling stuffed?

Yes, that’s a binge.

Remember how you let your hair down during that weeklong ‘hangout with friends’ and unintentionally ate more than you planned for? How you downed a full bag of chips and cookies while watching your favourite TV series? Or just your YOLO moment? All or any of these launched you into a binge eating episode.

Let’s face it, you are here for answers so let’s cut to the chase. There are a number of things you could do after you binge eat, one of which is – taking the right steps immediately. To help you continue with your normal life like you didn’t just hit the binge rock. Here are some easy steps to take after you binge eat.

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what to do after you binge eat, binge eating disorder

First of all, don’t beat yourself up

Here’s the truth, overeating can be somewhat discouraging especially when you have a stable meal plan and you break it regardless. One of the worst things to do after a binge eating episode is to fill your mind with regret and become too hard on yourself. As long as this is not a binge eating disorder issue, know that even the best of us run over a binge eating bump sometimes.

However, here’s an even bigger truth, you can always beat the bulge. No need for all that feeling of shame, disgust, guilt and overall emotional damage. It’s a binge and nothing more. Get a grip of yourself! As the saying goes, ‘do not let the past define you’. Moving past the guilt is always a step in the right direction. So, for whatever it is worth, keep your head up!

Discard Binge Triggers in your kitchen

You will be lying to yourself if you say you can fight the urge to grab that big box of chocolate cookie eyeing you in your cabinet. Ridding your kitchen and home of Binge triggers will help you avoid another binge. Maybe not entirely, but at the very least, it will help you get your mind off it.

You could either give away or throw out leftover food that might tempt you in one way or the other. This is one of the post-binge steps to get you moving again.

Start Exercising Again

Swinging right into tedious exercises to burn every single calorie isn’t always the best decision. However, switching intense exercise for simpler ones like road walk, jogging short distance and other forms of exercises that help you go easy on your body. Whatever the case, before resuming your exercise routine, take time to rest and give room for digestion. You should be back to your dream body soon.

Stick to your eating plan

Yes, you read right, don’t break your meal schedule out of frustration. This is just like every other drawback in life. You do not shut down your business because you made one simple mistake. In the same light, stopping your meal plan because of a binge would only lead to more damage. Remember not to give in to a binge without a fight.
Work with meal schedule and stay committed to it.

Don’t let a binge stop you from eating healthy. You do not necessarily have to go on a diet or starve yourself, this will only increase your desire to eat too much again. The whole idea is for you to find a way to make up for binge-eating. Increase your water intake in the process. This is how to drink more water during the day.

Forget what the scale reads

Watching the scale a day after binge eating is a recipe for frustration. In most cases, the scales show a higher number than usual as a result of the excess food sitting in your body. Save yourself the mental stress and guilt by shunning the scale entirely. There will be plenty of time to jump on a scale after giving yourself time to digest and prepare your mind.

Talk to a friend or a dietitian

People binge eat as a result of various reasons. In most cases, it is never intentional. Sometimes, it could be from the place of depression, discomfort, heartbreak or loneliness. All of which is completely normal. One important step to take in order to bounce back from a food binge is to find out what triggered the binge in the first place.

If it sprang from any of these, then you can address it by speaking to a friend. Also, if it was a spur-of-the-moment thing, you could also speak with a dietitian to help you plan your meals and aid you in achieving a healthy eating habit.

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