6 Things Highly Successful People Do Before 6 AM

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In my article, what successful people do on Weekends, I highlighted the lives of some of the successful people whose names seem very familiar to us. It is not exactly shocking that many of them follow similar weekend routines. If you look further, successful people have similar morning routines too.

Their routines and methods most definitely work well to cause them to function in their most productive capacities.

Just like someone I know once said, “if they are successful, they are doing something right”. This invariably goes on to indicate that they know something some of us do not know or are too lazy to do.

What do successful people do before the morning is beginning to buzz with activities? Is it possible that their secret to success has something to do with how they handle their mornings? Perhaps they follow a routine that motivates them to do more than the average person is wired to do?

What successful people do before 6 am

1.Wake up early

Tim Armstrong
Tim Armstrong, CEO, AOL

Many successful people wake up as early as 5 am every day. Some wake up earlier, others, later but be assured, not later than 6 am. If you want to be successful, you might have to seize the dawn before everybody else. 

Tim Armstrong, CEO, AOL tells The Guardian, “I usually get up at 5 or 5:15 am.” According to him, he has to refrain from sending emails as early as he wakes up as he tries not to disrupt other people’s sleep. He says his daughter also has his sleep DNA. They are able to share their lives in the early hours of the morning.

INSIDER reports that Jack Patrick Dorsey, co-founder, and CEO of Twitter has a strict morning schedule, he never misses his wake up time at  5 a.m. to fit in 30 minutes of meditation and a full workout.

2. They drink water

President and editor in chief of The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, starts the day by drinking hot water with lemon. Drinking water is not going to be easy for a start but if you are going to reap from the benefits, you might have to make it a habit. 


Start slowly, make it warm. This way it is easy to sip. In my article on how I trick myself to drink more water, I mention that it gets easier with time. The benefits of drinking water very early in the morning are so immense that you would have to find out yourself. 


Kevin R. Stone fondly says, “Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues”.



3. Exercise


According to Glamour, Michelle Obama wakes up every day at 4:30 AM to exercise and together with Barack Obama, she watches Sports Center. “That’s why I know so much about sports”, she says.

Exercise is a healthy mood booster. You can turn your life around with an exercise routine that works well for you. 

If you have a cramped schedule and can’t seem to squeeze in exercise and fitness into your lifestyle, you might need to get yourself a personal fitness trainer if you are willing to take this seriously. This article will most likely help you if you are doing exercise for the first time.

4. Make a plan

David Wallechinsky
David Wallechinsky, author of The Book of Lists: The Original Compendium of Curious Information

This helps to keep you accountable to yourself. What you want to do is to be as realistic as possible. You may consider drafting out a to-do list daily and/or weekly to help you stay more organized. Writing out a plan should be done the night before or as early as you wake up so that you don’t miss out on things you should do. 

David Wallechinsky, author of The Book of Lists: The Original Compendium of Curious Information says, “People are attracted to lists because we live in an era of overstimulation, and lists help us in organizing what is otherwise overwhelming”

Making a plan reduces stress and increases your productivity. It is without a doubt, successful people are intentional about time. Planning your day will force you to take your time seriously. 

5. Journal

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what successful people do before 6am

In his words, Successful entrepreneur, Tim Ferriss admits -“I don’t journal to ‘be productive.’ I don’t do it to find great ideas, or to put down prose I can later publish. The pages aren’t intended for anyone but me,”. He says that this is the most cost-effective therapy he has ever found.

Many successful people swear by journaling and they do this not long after they are up. Journaling helps you to put your life and your thoughts in perspective.

One of the most important ways to get out of a rut is by writing a gratitude journal every day. You are more inspired to be present enough to realize that you can take on the world. 

6. Meditate

If you journal, it is most likely easy for you to meditate. You are effortlessly in a state of peace and intentional reasoning. This can be the time for you to observe your quiet time and connect with God. Having a moment of quiet and peace refreshes your soul especially if you get in touch with your spirituality. 

You are going to have a lot of buzz during the day, so squeezing in ample time to meditate as early as you can might as well jumpstart and get you ready to face the day. 

In a 1999 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez speaks on how meditation helps her cope with her hectic celebrity life. She says that she does it in the morning and the night.

It is not as complicated as you think after all. 

Famous celebrities and highly successful people did not get to where they are by chance. Most of the time, they took intentional steps and did an overhaul, sort of an edit to their general lifestyle. It is no wonder that many of the principles and values they share are slightly similar. 

This goes to prove that what works is not complicated, they are simple lifestyle changes that anyone who is determined to reach the apex can make. 

What do you reasonably think you can add to your lifestyle every morning before 6 am? I would love you to share them with me in the comments section. 

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what highly successful people do before 6AM

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