What Style is, And Not

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Folake Huntoon


These days we confuse style with fashion.
In fact, some people use these terms interchangeably and that isn’t supposed to
be so. This piece is to help you see the difference between these terms.

Style is personal, it is you

Style is individual, it is your brand. The way a woman chooses to express
herself in spite of trends is her style. Style goes beyond your dressing, it is
your totality. Your style is seen in your body posture, body language, the way
you talk and the way you do things generally. A stylish woman is one who knows
how best to express herself effectively without mincing words. Style differs
from woman to woman.

You could be experimental, forward, daring
and extroverted.
You could also be shy, withdrawn and
Style goes way beyond your facial beauty.
It is knowing your body and how to accentuate its positives and conceal its
negatives. It is owning your guts, rocking your world and showing your inner
self unapologetically.

Style is not fashion

Fashion is what goes around, style is what
happens within. Fashion is adopting trends, style is expressing self. A stylish
woman closes her eyes to a new trend if she is well intuitive to know that it
will not work well for her. See, you cannot rock everything you see on the
runway. No. You can only get ideas from the craze. Fashion is crazy. Yeah, I
just said that and am’masay it again.Fashion.Is.Crazy. Dump fashion, pick
style. Express your innermost self; enjoy dressing up; have fun combining your wardrobe pieces; shop with gladness.
Style is you,  fashion is them,  so,  savour every stylish moment.
Photo Credit: Folake Kuye Huntoon

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