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What if I don’t have what to blog about?

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I am going to come from a point that understands the struggles of an average Blogger rather than from the point of ‘let-me-dish-you-some-valuable-advice’.

You have decided that you want to own an online space that is necessarily not your social media space. This undoubtedly, most assuredly means that you have a story to tell, a product to sell or a mission to accomplish. This is about all you need to blog about.

A lot of times, blogging is over flogged and the essence is thwarted. There is the pressure to be perfect, to be right, to be on course, to not break the rules, to be liked and to make sense. While it is understandable, it is totally unnecessary.


Blogging networks the Blogger with his/her readers. You want to tell/sell them something. You want to make a mark on the internet or share your experiences or just have plain fun. This is all you need to do.

Do you send texts to friends, write a few sentences on Facebook, share experiences with family, send photos to cousins? Oh boy, there are definitely so many things to talk about. And when you find yourself so stuck that you have nothing to write, write about that.

Blog about cupcakes and tea and sweets.

Be open minded to seemingly trivial issues that cross your mind because one of your blog readers would like to hear about it. Don’t be pressured into blogging correctness. Be real as you want to be. Writing opens you up to so many possibilities, it helps you to understand yourself even the more. So, write your way out of your lack of ideas and hopefully, your blogging community is grateful for it.

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