What Every Woman Wants

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Dear Diary,

I just want
what every woman wants

Warm arms
on a cold night

Promises of

wonderful todays


And kisses
that leave me breathless….

I want what
every woman wants

Soft words
in hard times

Someone to
read my heart

And touch
my mind…

I want a

A treasure
chest to hold my secrets

I want a
firm hold

When I am
losing my grip…

Someone to
call me in from the rain…

To be my

My pillow
my river

My mountain
my rock…

I want a
raven to feed me in the wilderness…

I want to
be rescued 

Lost in an
embrace and found not wanting…

What do I

What every
woman wants…

To find her
way home…

Excerpt from The Last Ten Percent by Michelle Hammond

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