What every woman wants her man to know

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It’s quite a long time, so let me dish this out today to apologize for not reading from me all these while. Let’s talk about what every woman would want her man to know about how her mind works.

Many men do not understand that so many things happen in that mind, a woman seems fragile but I tell you that she’s a strong person.

However, the hormonal changes in a woman can be a bitch. Hormone levels are constantly changing in the woman’s body and mind, changing her outlook, energy and sensitivity along with them.

About 10 days after the onset of menstruation, right before ovulation; which is 14 days after the onset of menstruation for women who have regular 28 days cycle, women often feel sassier.

Unconsciously, they dress sexily as surges in estrogen and testosterone pumps up in them and prompt them to seem readily available for sex, some even look for such sexual opportunities.

When a woman feels like cuddling and snuggling all around you, it really doesn’t mean she wants sex, in fact it’s not really her fault. This is happening because there is a rise in progesterone.

The following week, progesterone withdrawal can make women weepy and easily irritated. Many women have their moments but usually 12-24 hrs before the onset of menstruation is that time they feel this way more.

She wants you to know these things, when you do, you would know how best to treat her these times. Isn’t it now amazing that these things happen monthly all through the year, that’s some hard work mehn.

Second thing every woman wants her man to know is that every human is logical and emotional.

You know that phrase that women are emotional, while men are logical? Ehn ehn, it’s not entirely true. EVERY HUMAN IS LOGICAL AND EMOTIONAL but women tend to use the emotional part of their brains more and that makes them appear emotional all the time.

The part of the brain she uses more gets really developed and her thinking tends towards that part almost every time she confronts a situation.

That’s to say she can be logical too. She can act out the logical reasoning inside of her mind. She’s not a dummy that would allow her emotions rule ALL the time, she sometimes just feel she needs to let things be especially when it has to do with confronting a man and you know the cultural belief of many people around here about the supremacy of men.

This is why it is pertinent to know the kind of woman you want. Recently, I met a guy who says he won’t be with a woman who can’t logically query him, he won’t date a woman who thinks he’s always right, whose logical reasoning gives way for emotions all the time.

This guy is only one out of the few that understands that as much as women can be emotionally controlled, , they can be logical too.

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Next on this list is that classy ladies want their men to know that by all means they want to avoid aggression.

Women may have evolved to avoid physical aggression because of the greater dependence of children on their survival. So many women would just walk away from such scene except of course for those raised in the thick slum who don’t see a reason not be aggressive even with hoodlums.

It is not that females are not aggressive, it is that they are aggressive in different ways,” said evolutionary psychologist Daniel Kruger of the University of Michigan. Women tend to use more indirect forms of confrontation.

The female brain is not only more responsive to small amounts of stress but is less able to habituate to high levels of stress, if the anxiety is prolonged, it can be damaging. Such findings may help explain why women are prone to depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other anxiety disorders.

When you know all these and more about your woman, you are advised to love her and even show her more love during these periods.

The body changes at puberty can be a real deal for the mind, even so after the body must have attained a balance, it changes even more during pregnancy, child birth, child breast feeding, menopause and maybe after now, it stays balanced.

Apart from the biological changes discussed above that have a really great effect on the woman’s mind, the reasonable thoughts of who she is and will be, which is almost the same for all human sometimes can be overwhelming, especially when societal factors such as job loss, loss of a friend or loved ones, misplaced priorities, financial crises etc, roll in.

It will be a great thing, less overwhelming for the woman if her man would just understand these things and relate with her based them.

Let him not be pushy to make her talk when she’s moody.

Let him be available when she needs to cuddle and just play off the mood.

Let him help out with house chores or some financial obligations.

Let him not he aggressive or confrontational when she gets like this, he should rather seek to DISCUSS with her.

Let him know that there would be times she just want to look in his face and see those reassuring smiles and nothing more.

This understanding will go a long way in helping them both have a wonderful romance time in their relationship.

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