What are your expectations in life?

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The cavorting experienced by people in this part of the world is alarming and ear deafening. Many walk on this earth with little or no expectations. Some are even fed up with life. What are your expectations in life?

There are some fallacies that have enslaved people in the cocoon of life which have limited their horizon.

1. What will be will be: This is one of the greatest fallacies that have originated from mankind. When life brings lemons, when faced with a gigantic problem, people enter into this cocoon of falsehood; they accept their fate.

If Thomas Edison had said “What will be will be” the world will be groping around in darkness. He failed several times in creating an electric bulb but after several attempts, there was light! What you expect or want is what will be.

2. This is who I am: There is an invisible ‘spirit’ called mindset. It is a way of thinking or let’s say an attitude. When failure occurs, you hear words like “This is who I am. I can never attain this level.” This is where the mind lays hold on your words and puts a barricade to achieving your set goal.

Then you begin to expect that things will not work out each time you find yourself in that particular situation but I tell you; that is not your being. Your real being is able to conquer anything. You are not subject to your mind. It is under your control.

How do you get out of this?

Understand that you have been created for good: people say “life is full of bad happenings” little do they know that they themselves are the “Life”. You create what you want.  God created you for good so why should you not expect or manifest goodness?

“Life is good” have you heard that before? Or do you think it is referring to the earth? It is referring to YOU. Your understanding of the supreme being as a good father should make you always expect good things. Your expectations cannot be cut short but it depends on what you are expecting. Get your groove back now

So what should you expect?

Expect good tidings.
Expect to meet lovely people.
Expect to win that business proposal.
Expect to be productive
Expect the day to be meaningfully spent.
Expect that the day will be enjoyable.
Expect good things!

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