What are you scared of?

What are you scared of?

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So, guys, I switched on my laptop to work and ended up watching “Drag me to hell”. Truth be told, I didn’t like the movie title. I just didn’t like it but I couldn’t stop watching. You know that kind of thing ehn.

While different horrible things were flying about in the movie, I saw a tiny rat in a hurry. Oh my gawd! Rat in my room? Was that a rat?

I dashed out to call the gateman. I can’t kill rats, I am so scared of rats and reptiles. We looked for this rat o, chaaaaaaai.

My roommate came back home and concluded, she said I must have been hallucinating from the horror movie. What’s my own, I sha accepted my fate.

This morning fam, this rat was in a hurry to somewhere again.

So this is it, I sometimes leave cockroaches alone, because, pity. But thing is that you let them be and they now begin to disturb you. You know that kind of nonsense yeah.

That was what this little, sneaky rat was doing. That veeeeeeeeexed me.

I went to call the gateman again and he saw it hiding in the window. Finally, someone else sees the damned rat.

I looked up to find my roommate on top of the bed. Hihihihihihihihi….

So, Sulaiman and I began to pursue, chase and run after the rat.

Long and short, it flew out through the window.

The only reason I am narrating this is that I need to get this rat phobia out of my life. It is enough! What happens when hubby is not at home and the children spot a rat? Are we all going to be crying over rats now?

What are you scared of? How are you treating the phobia?

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