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What are the Medicinal Benefits of the “Touch-Me-Not-Plant”?

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Not too many people are familiar with the unique Touch Me Not Plant. Its proper name is Mimosa Pudica. The seemingly shy plant has earned a range of nicknames around the planet, including the bashful plant, shrinking plant, sleepy plant, and shy plant. When you touch the plant’s leaves, they shrink or fold inwards in what is known as a rapid plant movement. This allows them to protect their leaves from animals who are grazing. Minutes later, the leaves reopen.

Most people have no idea at all that this Touch Me Not Plant offers an incredible array of healing properties for many different ailments. We look at some of the more useful ones in this article.

Healing Wounds and Minor Cuts

The people who have tried Mimosa Pudica for medicinal uses have often utilized it for its leaves’ many healing properties. These are most effective at rapidly healing wounds and relieving pain. If you have a cut or wound that needs healing, simply apply the extracted juice (from crushing its leaves) directly to your wound. Continue the treatment until the improvement of the injury is well underway.

Cures Hemorrhoids and Piles

The Mimosa pudica can also be distilled into powder form. In this state, it is useful to heal hemorrhoids and piles. After making the powder from the leaves, you mix a teaspoon in one glass of milk to drink the mixture two times per day. You could also dry the plant root, and grind it up to add it to the teaspoon of powder and mix it with several tablespoons of curd. This will help your symptoms to subside if you take it once a day in the morning.

To Treat Diabetes

In some countries, mimosa pudica finds a use in helping to regulate levels of blood sugar in your body. It releases the proper quantity of insulin, treating diabetes. You have to drink the juice extracted from plant leaves. If you take 30 milliliters per day each morning and evening, then in from seven to 10 days you will see a marked difference in the levels of your body’s blood sugar.

Treating Joint Pain Or Arthritis

This amazing plant can help to cure arthritis-induced joint pain. Mimosa pudica possesses anti-inflammatory properties which will cure joint inflammation, relieving the pain. This requires that you form a paste out of the plant leaves to apply directly to the joints. If you let this sit overnight and wash it the next morning every day, then you will feel the noticeable difference. The swelling and resulting joint pain will begin to subside.

As A Treatment For Diarrhea

Not only will Mimosa pudica help to replenish lost fluids, but the juice (extracted from the plant leaves) also treats diarrhea. If you drink single 30 milliliter doses a number of times, then you will get great results.

As A Cure For Stomach Ache And Treatment for Intestinal Worms

Mimosa pudica possesses many anti-bacterial properties which help it to kill off bacteria that manage to build up in your intestines. This treatment of intestinal worms and stomach aches requires you to make a paste from the plant leaves. If you mix it with some honey and take it once per day, it will help you to improve and feel better.

As A Treatment For Jaundice

Jaundice can even be treated by Mimosa pudica. All that you do is to extract juice out of the leaves from the plant. Take between 20 and 40 milliliters two times per day over a three week period to see the full improvement.

As A Cure For Itching

Itchy skin can be effectively treated using mimosa pudica. Simply concoct a paste out of the plant roots and then apply it directly to the itching places. You could also extract juice from the leaves and mix it with sesame oil. You then apply this pasty liquid to the itching area for a full 30 minute treatment to obtain the full relief.

For Curing Toothaches and Gum Problems

The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of mimosa pudica combine to eliminate gum swelling and stop any kind of infection. Treatment is a matter of gargling with the concoction from the plant’s roots in order to cure toothaches and sustain proper oral hygiene.

As A Treatment For Snake and Insect Bites

The Touch Me Not Plant has proven effective even against cobra venom. The concoction made from the roots must be distilled into 400 milliliters of water. You have to faithfully drink this two times a day.

With insect bites, you grind up the leaves and then apply them directly to the impacted place two times per day. This will decrease the pain, swelling, and redness the bite causes as it speeds the healing process.

As A Treatment For Asthma

This mimosa pudica helps asthma by clearing out the body’s airways from any built up allergens, dust, and even inflammation to give effective relief. Prepare juice from the leaves (in the amount of 15 milliliters) to drink this amount two times per day. This will treat asthma.

As A Treatment For Insomnia And Sleeplessnes

Mimosa pudica relaxes your body and brain and helps to relieve stress and anxiety. This aids your brain in shutting down for calm sleep. You crush five milligrams of the plant’s leaves and make a paste. Next boil said paste in a hot water and then strain it. This solution you drink at night before bed. You should notice massive improvement in 15 to 20 days.

Fights Hair Loss

The amazing mimosa pudica even helps to fight hair loss by controlling and encouraging new hair cell growth. It works well in herbal shampoos with the plant extracts. Even better results come from making a paste of the leaves mixed with coconut oil and water. You apply the paste for about 20 minutes before washing it off.

There are few plants whose properties can treat so many different major ailments and illnesses as mimosa pudica. With no known negative side effects, you can hardly go wrong with using its juice and paste made from its leaves and roots. It could just be the miracle cure-all herbal remedy that you have been looking for all this time.

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