My top 6 Essential Websites for every #GirlBoss

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If you like the internet as I do, you need websites or blogs that you can relate to, depending on what you do. Well, this is slightly different, this is about who you are – the uber, chic, girl boss. If you have found yourself in bigger shoes of some sort, you are most likely a girl boss, aha and oh well, you might like to visit some of the power websites I visit a lot.

You’d fall in love with some of them so much that you’d subscribe. Remember, you can’t come up alone, you need people and sometimes, these folks come in the form of websites, lol.

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So, here goes, the best websites I think every #Girlboss should visit, like every other day.

1. Career Girl Daily

Career Girl Daily

I can’t remember exactly how I became so addicted to this website, but trust me, I am glad I found it. I have been following CGD for 5 years now. I used to rave about this website on Facebook back then. Thankfully, a few of my friends caught the bug.

Career Girl Daily is that one website that brings everything along with it – sass, virtue, and grace. One particular thing I like about Career Girl Daily is that I can peep into the lives of successful women who are doing well for themselves on all fronts. I guess, we just want to be sure these folks are human.

2. Career Contessa

Career Contessa, girl boss, Esther Adeniyi, career sites for women, sites for women bosses

I discovered Career Contessa just two months ago when I began working on a Career biased site. I was trying to check through as many career sites as I could find. I stumbled on this and it was oh my, the bomb. I am not too sure if there is any other career biased site that is solely focused on women like Career Contessa.

This website is so complete for women who are looking to become the best in their careers. From salary negotiation skills to real women profiles to the best career switch advice. This website is everything the 21st-century woman needs to ace. Career Contessa on Pinterest is also this one account to binge on, trust me, it will engulf you. And this is a warning, don’t get addicted!

3. Girl Boss

Girl boss website, girl boss by sophia amoruso, sophia amoruso, Esther Adeniyi

Girl boss itself! First, I should mention that I am so grateful for Sophia Amoruso, the #GirlBoss herself. This babe brought this hashtag from 0 to trending! Have you read her book yet? Okay, I have a review of it here, been a long time though.

Now, Girl Boss is that one site that combines humor and honesty so skillfully. I guess all of Sophia Amoruso is rubbed off on them all. This website has a unique selection of brilliant content contributors who are not afraid to be vulnerable. Yes, you should check and bookmark it right away. Make sure you come back to my comments section to say thank you.

4. Kamdora

Kamdora, Esther Adeniyi, 6 websites for the girl boss, #girlboss, girl boss blogs, girl boss websites

I can’t exactly describe how great I feel to be able to list a Nigerian based website here. You know, there are many times I am afraid to juxtapose black-owned sites with foreign ones. Yes, quality. I am afraid they don’t count as top notch as they should. Yes, good but not great, I would whine.

Kamdora is great! I started following Kamdora since when they were only on Facebook then and I can boldly say that I learned so much from their transition. It was mostly just ankara styles and fashion postings on their Kamdora Facebook page then. Even though I thought that it was too myopic as at the time, they flipped the switch and announced a site was coming.

It’s been a pleasure to follow Kamdora all the way. The fact that it is so sleek yet Nigerian is that one reason you want to be all about this site.

5. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur website, entrepreneur, girl boss, girl bosses, Esther Adeniyi

This site is not just for women, it is for anyone who is looking to enhance their thought process generally. There is however a portion of the site that is just for women, Women Entrepreneur, you should totally check it out.

I visited Entrepreneur for the first time during one of my Pinterest research. They had asked Melyssa Griffin to come to talk about Pinterest strategies that work. By the way, if you are a Blogger, you should go check out Melyssa Griffin, she’s great!

6. Cup of Jo

Cup of Jo, cup of Jo website, Esther Adeniyi, blogs for girl bosses, blogs for career women

Cup of Jo is run by Joanna Goddard. It is essentially a personal blog but trust me, #Girlbosses have “too much” to learn from Joanna Goddard. From how she treats her relationships to how she profiles other established women.

And if you are a business girl proper, you should definitely pick and run with business ideas from the way Joanna runs her blog. I have been following this blog for a total of 4 years now. I sometimes go to Cup of Jo just to feel homely.

She has branded that site is such a way that it is extremely relatable and comfortable. So, this is probably not in context but I think her background colour and picture hue has a calming effect on me. Every Girl boss should be able to relax in there after a tough day.

Here, Girl Bosses! My top websites for girls who are here to change narratives in their own different corners. I would be glad to have you share your favorites with me in the comments section.

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