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We are taking a break. We’ll be back very soon.

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Hello everyone. How is Monday moving? I hope the week is getting started just the way we planned. Thank you for reading this blog and sharing on social media . I just want to announce that we will be taking a break on the blog. It will only be for a while. We are looking at a week. I don’t know if this will take as long as two weeks but that’s the maximum time we can be away for.

This is to:

-Get our act together
-Balance and have our new writers keep up with the blogging pace

While we are away you can still check us out on Facebook (@estheradeniyisblog). It is still going to be as active as ever.

You can also check through the categories that we have: Health and fitness, Beauty, Life, Career, Business, Relationships, Faith, Food, Music, Movies and so many more. There are so many blog posts that you will find interesting on the blog.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. You can reach me on if you would like to share something.


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