how to invest in yourself this year
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How to invest in yourself this year

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Most of what we refer to as investment are financial. It’s basically the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear ‘investment’

Beyond financial investments however are investments in other areas of living – body, spirit, and soul. One of the best investments you can make is that in yourself.

This year, I decided to take my health very seriously amongst other things. I have come to realize that it is a healthy body that can fuel my passion and help me to fulfill my purpose in life.

There is absolutely nothing cool about a stressed, fagged or ill body. I am a very lazy person when it comes to physical activity so while I work at that, I have taken to healthy food choices.

One very major lifestyle change I made was going into intermittent fasting and this is not just for weight loss but for the overall benefit of this eating protocol itself.

I am more alert, my skin is fresh, I go to the toilet every morning and I mean, the spiritual benefit is so great.

There is also this very one investment I am glad to have been exposed to as early as I could dress myself and this is learning how to wake up early. I would say that I am just beginning to appreciate that.

I have a blog post on how to wake up as early as 5AM and not feel tired. You can click to read.

So, in what other ways can you invest in yourself this year?

5 ways to invest in yourself this year

1. Take extra courses

Two days ago, Grace of Beauty by Joya and I had a sleepover and we discussed so many self investments.

She mentioned to me a course she was saving for, it runs into millions and for a moment, I stopped to count my blessings. I am glad to be friends with people who know exactly how important it is to invest in themselves.

An extra course to boost your confidence in your chosen field is a great idea. There is always a short-term course to take online, offline. I will be putting together a post for bloggers on what courses they can take to build confidence in this career. There are also some general courses you can take, these have little to do with specific careers. Examples are public speaking and management courses.

They help to equip you in order to groom yourself around soft skills you will always need.

2. Attend seminars,  conferences, and meetups

Some people claim that seminars are pretty boring. I slept through some of the seminars I had to attend during my NYSC in-camp training.  Some of them were boring as hell. Humph! 

This aside, seminars and conferences are beneficial. There will always be more than a speaker so grab the opportunity to gain immensely from the lively facilitator.

One great reward of attending meetups is how you develop interpersonal skills. You also have the opportunity to network with people in your field or just people generally.

3. Read

I cannot stress this enough. Reading is one of the best ways to invest in yourself, sharpen your IQ and become versatile. By reading, you gain experience from people who have been where you can’t be at the time,  from people who are wiser than you are at the time.

Men say they are impressed by women who read a lot. There is some sort of assurance that he isn’t mingling with a moron.

4. Watch documentaries and movies

Documentaries expose you to things you can never experience personally.  I have an idea of some customs and cultures even without having to be in these countries. I also watch movies a lot. So get on with some movies and documentaries.  

You’ll be surprised at how much you get to learn from watching movie characters display personalities and true-life experiences.  I learned how to fold my clothes properly in Big Bang Theory. Remember Sheldon? He taught me that.

One other platform I would like you to plug in to is YouTube. My favorite channel is that of TED talks. You have no idea how much influence that platform has brought into my life. Watching people discuss very important topics about life generally is a great way to invest in yourself this year.

You can check out 5 TED talks that have literally turned my life around.

5. Learn a skill

Skills are fast becoming lifesavers for some people. Some of the older women I have as friends didn’t know they would feed off a skill they learned a long time ago. I know of a fashion journalist who studied Law at the University.

She picked interest in fashion,  sharpened up the inherent skill and today,  she practices fashion journalism as a career. Skills will help you be the best version of yourself.

6. Edit your friendships

Ever wondered why you behave like many of your friends? They rub off on you, you can’t avoid this. Your friendships are a very important and vital area of your life to look into. 

Here is a sure tip: if you go back home after a visit to your friend’s place and you feel drained and uninspired, it is time to seriously check out what you are doing with that person. There are other friends that will make you feel like you can take on the world. 

You want to be with people who inspire you enough to be better, to go for gold and to do more. Some of them don’t even have to say anything. Just watching them do life motivates you to be better. 

How else have you invested in yourself? What are you going to do to invest in yourself this year? Please share with me, I would really love to know.

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