Watch Skinny Girl in Transit – Season 5 Finale

skinny girl in transit season 5 episode 12 - finale

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I won’t be surprised if there is a season 6 of Skinny Girl in Transit. I am however pleased to have it end on this note. Who doesn’t like happy endings anyway?

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Oh, spoiler, Derin met her match! And Yeah, her Chris was just like Mide, indifferent and unbothered. Guess she’d have to smell the rotten stench she served Tiwa. I don’t care if she apologized, that babe was evil please, let’s not quickly forget. What goes around comes around, simple.

So, SGIT 5 finale. The wedding between Tiwa and Mide happened. Mohammed and Salewa reconcile. Wosilat of course sticks with her ‘baby’.

Watch skinny girl in transit season 5 episode 12 – finale

So guys, what do you think?

I have learned so many things from this season. I would like to do a lesson review of the entire season by next week. Friday, maybe.

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