Watch Skinny Girl in Transit Season 5 Episode 11

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Last week, SGIT S5E10 got a lot of missed reactions. Click on the link to watch if you haven’t seen it already. You can also click here for other episodes of Skinny Girl in Transit Season 5

Some people got so vexed they said they were not going to watch the series anymore. According to a commenter, she said it was a waste of Data. Well, I understood her aggravation, partly.

I had asked on my Instagram whether Mide was overreacting or not.

Anyway, moving on….

“Mama Tiwa invites Woli to the Awosika residence for prayers to secure Tiwa and Mide’s relationship, and things seem to get to a head for Jade, the events planner for the wedding. Derin reaches out to Theresa for closure. ” Ndani TV

Watch Skinny Girl in Transit Season 5 Episode 11 – Bridal Shower

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