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Wall Decor : take room decoration to the next level

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We do a lot of different things to decorate our homes, so why not go an extra mile and opt for wall decor too? And by wall decor I don’t mean only a bunch of picture frames of your family but a whole lot of other stuffs like cabinets, antique plates, bookshelves and so much more!

Sanjay Jhunjhunwala, an interior designer based in Kolkata, could help you bring your walls to life. A lively wall means a lively you!

Here are a few ways that’ll will add beauty to your walls and make them look like those walls you see on Pinterest and admire


Cabinets are a good decoration and are also useful. Cabinets with colours that contrast with those of the walls will give the whole room a different look. Top the cabinet with showpieces and voila! Your living room is new.

You can also hide your useless things in opaque part of the cabinet and decorate the glass covered part with the utensils that you don’t use because of their beauty (let’s be honest we all have them).

Art Works

Nothing is as good as artwork on walls. It gives the room an artistic vibe. Artworks may be expensive, inexpensive or something you made (if you are an artist). Also if you are putting up more than one artwork, they should have similar colour coding and the colour must also go with the colour of the walls and other accessories like table clothes and so on.

Therefore a safe pass would be black and white artworks as they look good with most colour codes and they also have an antique feeling about them.

Decorative mirrors

Mirrors which double as decoration items are your best friend if you want to add that beauty to your wall. Not only will it serve a purpose but it will also give your room an aesthetic appeal.

Sculptural mirrors do this job very well. Indian mirrors look very beautiful too. Mirrors with thick golden frame can also give your walls a classy look.


Antiques are very popular and can make your room go from a 3 to 9 real quick. Antique showpieces, dolls and even plates can be used to decorate your walls and make them look lively.

There are many antiques available in variety of stores. You need to choose the kind of antiques that have significance in your life so that when you stare blankly at the wall you feel content and not confused.


Good news for the bookworms out there who want to decorate their homes. Bookshelves are an amazing decoration and really look good. Also it makes it seem like you’ve read a lot of books even if you have not.

Books smell amazing and you look like an intellectual. Having books in front of you could also increase your chances of reading it. A bookshelf has too many plus points to not consider it.

Painting on the wall

Painting on your walls can make your walls look artistic and enhance the beauty of your walls and your rooms. There are a lot of things that you could paint on your walls like flowers, your favourite animal, random patterns, Japanese kanji and many other things that you may feel like seeing every time you enter the room.

It is preferable to hire a professional artist to get your walls painted or your wall could get ruined (if you are confident then you can do it yourself too)

Mirrors that cover the whole wall

If you want to go all out to decorate your wall, get mirrors that cover every inch of the wall. It will not only make the living room look double its size but also reflect any bright decorative items and brighten the room as a whole.

Combine it by adding bright decorative wall hangings to the opposite and adjacent walls and your room will have a major glow up.

Fairy Lights

At some point or the other, we all have been obsessed with fairy lights. Always interesting to look at, these lights have a certain mysterious thing about them. Hanging fairy lights in zigzag pattern across the wall would add to the beauty of your room.

Switch off the lights with only the fairy lights on and be ready to be mesmerised by those little colourful lights. Colourful LED lights would be equally good. Or you could fill empty bottles with fairy lights and keep them in a shelf if you want to try something different.

Divide your favourite photograph

Divided photos are a complete game changer for your walls. Split any large photograph of your choice into smaller parts and frame them individually. Then arrange the pieces so that they form the original picture. It will look so much better and it also adds a class to your otherwise plain wall

Wall hanging textiles

If you are too busy (or lazy) to take out the time to do a proper decoration of your wall then hanging textiles may be the answer for you. All you need to do is buy it and hang it on your wall.

The difference you will see after this simple step is remarkable. Vintage hanging textiles are highly recommended but you would know what’s best for your room and what goes with the furniture you have.

Lastly take care of your home since your home is what defines you when people come over. Wall decoration is a great place to start. The decoration of your home will also decide your mood. A messed up home generally messes up your mood too.

You could decorate your house the way you want since at the end of the day you should be the one satisfied with your home. The tips mentioned above are just for your convenience. The kind of lifestyle we live nowadays may or may not allow us to do these ourselves. Therefore Sanjay Jhunjhunwala, an interior designer based in Kolkata, could help you with decorating your walls. So that even when your life becomes plain your walls won’t be.

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