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2019 Valentine’s day gift ideas For Him/Her

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Valentine talks came really early this year. I mean, it’s not even February yet and the whole world is talking about Valentine’s day gift ideas. Already? Valentine 2019 is going to be the bomb, trust me.

With lovers armed to the teeth to spoil their boos and baes, Valentine will come in all shades of surprises. I mean, I can already envisage video clips from February 14, 2019.

Valentine discounts and giveaways are in the air and a lot of lovers are beginning to participate. The most tantalizing of these valentine giveaways are exotic, all expense paid travel for couples. Who doesn’t want this?

You know, it can be difficult to figure out what to get for your Valentine especially when it’s closer. Not only that, having gifts delivered to you for packaging might take longer than expected. I, therefore, think it’s wiser to go get your gifts prepared in a week or so.

In this blog post, I will be sharing Valentine gift ideas for your boo or bae. Not only will I drop these gift ideas, but I will also share with you how to package your thoughts in some of them and get them delivered. This is to ease all the stress of racking your head for something stunning.

For some of the Valentine gifts I mention I will also share with you where you can get them. If I have more than one places, I will share them too. I will try to keep on updating this article to make it as resourceful as possible.

Your valentine’s day this 2019 should be unforgettable, we will try to make it so.

This list is going to be long but there’s a table of content just below. This is to help you go straight to whatever valentine gift idea and under what category you want to check. Simply click on each of the links to take you there.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her


So, wigs, these beauties have ended up becoming the rave of the moment and as long as this is in vogue, you can reinforce your territory in her heart with a beautiful wig.

Be sure to get her quality wigs though. It’s one thing to get her a nice wig, it’s another to be sure it’s of long-lasting material. I mean, these days, we go home happy with nice looking, bouncy wigs, we wear them and just a month after we wonder how quickly they have become a shadow of themselves.

So, go the extra mile. Ask from female colleagues and friends. Let them show you where they got theirs specifically and had it last longer. This is really important. For wig purchase, referrals are usually the best.

Hopefully, you are familiar with what your woman rocks best. You can stylishly look through her hair collection and see what she loves to wear mostly. Her pictures will do, don’t go about ransacking her properties, lol.

Perfume oil

Perfume oils are gradually replacing perfumes because they last longer and smell nicer. When you apply these perfume oils at your pulse points e.g your neck, wrists, inner elbow, or cleavage, behind your ears, your body heat causes the perfume oil to diffuse all through your body.

Some of these perfume oils are essential oils which can also be used for aromatherapy. I use the Stress Away by Young Living. It comes with a neck chain. I dip the white round cotton-like material it comes with in Stress Away by Young Living, insert into the chain’s pendant and let my body heat cause it to fire up and diffuse.

There are however other mind-blowing fragrances you can get as perfume oils for your babe.


So cupcakes can be a complementary gift you can use as a surprise for the day. This could prepare her for the other goodies you have for her for Valentine.

Have Valentine themed cupcakes delivered to her at work, at her school hostel, wherever she is likely to be at that time.

@cleaverscove on Instagram makes the really good cupcakes. You can try them out.

If you are in for it and she is the one with a lot of friends, you can go for a proper Valentine cake. This will help you win her friends over without breaking the bank.

Bro, women will put you in the white book of life for a dazzling cake. This is also very perfect for a long distance relationship. Make it thoughtful and beautiful.

Prepare for this days before so you can have the baker customize this as you want. Trust me, last minute cake orders are so flimsy and cliche. Go all out and get your lettering right, colours, flavours, delivery plans and all.

If you like, you can add a Valentine gift card to your Valentine cake gift. There are a lot of Valentine promo and slashes going on now. For budget-friendly Valentine gifts, watch out for subsidized cakes.

@follycasid_cakes has valentine awoof packages for cupcakes going on now.

Box of 6 cupcakes 1500 Naira
Box of 12 cupcakes 3000 Naira
Box of 24 cupcakes 6000 Naira

They come in different flavours like: marble cake,strawberry,vanilla and chocolate.

Proposal ring

Oh well, this is becoming cliché but it can turn out to be her best Valentine ever. If you have been thinking of going down on one knee, giving her the ring on Valentine’s day could make all the difference.

If you have been with her for a while, you should know if she likes public or private proposals. Whichever one you settle for, get a professional photographer to capture the moment.

Be sure to pick a good romantic restaurant for celebrations afterward. You need to plan this out now, so start that today if proposing to her is in your agenda.

Makeup Kit/Box

Is she a makeup lover or perhaps a makeup artist even? Surprise her with full makeup kit for Valentine. Makeup lovers are used to and can differentiate between original and fake makeup products.

You want your Valentine gift to be solid if at all. Go to reputable beauty stores and get makeup products with household names.

Try to be sure that this is what she needs. If as the makeup enthusiast that she is, she already has a comprehensive collection, you might want to skip this.

Custom Necklace

Custom made necklaces usually come with a deep, engraved inscription of her name, her initials or just the first letter of her name on the pendant.

You can go on ahead to engrave just anything. Your anniversary, both of your initials, a symbol that means something to you both, anything that’d make her really happy. Just be creative!

You can even make her name the pendant itself. If you want to go sweet, use a name you fondly call her. If you are used to calling her her middle name or by a sweet pet name, use that as the chain pendant.

Gold necklaces are usually beautiful. They çome really exotic if you want to wow her. Long lasting, original ones will also keep you on her mind for a very long time.

Custom Office Mug/Water jug

Well, babes like to come in handy and chic. This will be perfect for your classy career woman. Customize this beautifully with something to make her mind race.

You can have someone make this for her and get it delivered to her office. February 14 is after all a Thursday.

If she is a student, a customized water bottle might just be perfect. If she has to be reminded to take water frequently, this Valentine gift might just be the motivation.

Natural Hair Care Products kit

So, if I were to guess, your sweetheart is on natural hair, lol. That wasn’t supposed to be serious. But that’s even if you know. Do you know the difference between natural hair and relaxed hair? Busted!

Anyway, hair products are fast becoming really cool Valentine gifts these days. Treat her to a complete package of hair wellness with a natural hair lush growth and care kit.

Many of these natural hair product lines contain hair moisturizer, shampoo, wash off shampoo, leave in shampoo, styling gel, hair creams, treatment solutions etc.

Walk into any reputable store to get her a full kit. You can also add an Ankara satin lined sleep cap. Trust me, any woman, naturalist or not would love it. You can click here for full details of where to get a satin hair bonnet of different shapes, colours, and types.


I know, I know but some women still love flowers. Hopefully, you have studied your kind of woman. If she isn’t the flower type, please skip on this one.

You can order flowers and have them delivered to her. Alternatively, you can get her these flowers and have her melt by their smell.

A Handwritten Letter

Ever heard that it’s the smallest things that make women feel loved? Well, if they are thoughtful, sincere and straight from your heart. This will be the perfect valentine’s day gift if you are on a low budget but would still want to show your woman a truckload of love on this special day.

It would help if you have fine handwriting and even if you don’t it makes this all the more exciting to have a part of you in a written package. Mind-blowing artistic letters and calligraphy are good pluses.

Sexy Lingerie

So this may be the perfect time to get her that expensive lingerie she has always wanted. If she has however never mentioned it, there are absolutely beautiful, budget-friendly lingerie if you look.

Teddy Bear

If your girlfriend is still in school, you bet, she is still the teddy bear girl most likely. Get her a Valentine-themed buddy. This will score you so many points if the relationship is mostly long distance. Another alternative to a teddy bear is a heart-shaped throw pillow. If you can customize either of these two, it will be a great idea.

What she’s been constantly talking about

Well, this might be the best Valentine gift because you are meeting a specific need. What has she been whining about? Surprise her with this and watch her melt before you.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him

Video Games

You have no idea how many points you are going to score by his friends if you get him video games.

Men accuse a lot of women of having no idea of what kind of video games to get them. So, here are some suggestions you can pick from and explore.

PS4, NBA 2k19 for Basketball, Madden NFL 19 for American Football, Grand Theft Auto V, FIFA, Xbox, God of War, Kingdom Hearts III, Spiderman, Red Dead Redemption II.


If you get this right, trust me, you are for keeps. Search for an exotic fragrance with a touch of class.


If you are on a budget, there’s nothing wrong with getting your man a nice set on boxers for Valentine. Be choosy and picky. If you are good at this, go for very good briefs.


Quality headphones, the perfect Valentine gift for him if he is a lover of music.

Take him to dinner

Switch the narrative this once and give him a nice treat in a romantic restaurant. Plan for this day ahead so that you don’t walk into a full restaurant on Valentine’s day.

If it is possible, make reservations for Valentine’s day. If you are up for it, ask that his favorite music is played when it’s time.

Casual Footwear

A lot of men are liking statement casuals these days. If you are observant, men pay a lot of attention to their shoes.

Get him comfortable yet original footwear. You should plan this way ahead before to avoid last minute rush.

Taskolad footwear is the king of casual footwear. You can find footwear for as low as 3,500 Naira. Check their online store and order for seamless delivery and topnotch customer experience.

Taskolad will deliver the pair(s) to you or to him directly, wherever he is.

Beard grooming products

You need no one to tell you how much of popular beard grooming has become. If your man is of the beard gang, a selection of good beard grooming products would be the perfect gift for Valentine.

If your man is however not a bearded guy and you would like to get him on board, this could be your best shot at getting him to finally be on board.

@beautybyjoya on Instagram sells really effective beard oils.

Fitness sneakers

These are never too many. If your man is a fitness junkie or you secretly want him to up the game, fitness sneakers will be the perfect Valentine gift idea.

If you can get these with complete fitness wear, you are about to make this his best Valentine yet so far.

Genuine Leather Wallet

A carry-on original lightweight wallet might just be the perfect valentine gift for him.

Shaving set

You will find a shaving set that fits your budget. Chances are that he already has one but as it stands, shaving sets can never be too many for men. Find a cute one in his favorite colour and give it beautiful wrap. This Valentine’s day gift idea can go from budget friendly to very expensive depending on your budget.


Bracelets are perfect Valentine gift ideas for your man if you are on a budget. If you have good eyes for beautiful but mature love bracelets, it can mean a whole lot to your man.

There are many thoughtful bracelets you can order on Instagram. Better still go check online stores or walk into a gift shop. There’s a long time ahead for you to sample round and make a choice. Hopefully, you are not reading this article on February 14.


A carefully selected Wristwatch is a thoughtful Valentine gift idea for almost any kind of man. If you are at a loss for what to get, consider a quality Wristwatch.

Bluetooth Speaker

Just like the headphones will make him feel appreciative towards you of his love for music, a Bluetooth speaker can do so much more. Blaring through it will be music that constantly reminds him of you. If you are going to burst his head, prepare a playlist of his favorite songs and add some songs you know he has never listened to but can predict he will like.


The average rugged but fashionable guy is switching to backpacks these days, buying one for him might just change his life and make carrying a laptop around easy.

Quality, yet sleek backpacks might be difficult to get so it’s most advisable to ask around and get recommendations. For backpacks, I would not advise buying online. There’s usually a lot of shadiness. Sometimes, they make them look bigger than they actually are.

So buy what you see from a recommended store.

Customized mug

Yes, men love mugs too. Mugs are really cool valentine gift ideas as they sit around for a really long time. Customize a mug with letterings or art in his favorite colour.

Be sure to get his customized mug in mature colours and designs. If you can, have an art of him drawn or engraved. This is going to wow him, trust me.


If your man is a fashionista, oh well well well, it’s time to bring out the best in him in a nice pair of Sunglasses.

Statement Sunglasses will do the job for you. A few Instagram accounts now sell Sunglasses at affordable prices. You can also order online from Jumia or Konga.

What he’s been constantly talking about

This may be your chance to prove that you listen and that you deeply care about his needs and wants. If you can afford what he has been constantly talking about or you have to shoot above your budget just a little bit, this is a good time to go all out to get it.

Majorly, the valentine gift you will be getting for your man or woman will depend on who they are, what they gravitate towards and their personality. Understanding this will help you get your gift right and hit it spot on.

Do you have extra Valentine gift ideas? Please share with us in the comments section. We can use a whole load of them.

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