Up North (2018) Movie Review

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Up North Movie is a happy place and there was no denying, it had all the elements- love, politics, humour, education, enlightenment, culture, fun, family, anger. Up North for me is a 9/10 and that’s just me behaving like a Nigerian lecturer.

From the very start of Up North to the last/closing scene, the cinema hall reeked of laughter. There was a lot of awwwwwwwws too. I must say that my first Nollywood for 2019 was the bomb.

I left the cinema so grateful for what was brought to the screens. The first time I saw Up North movie trailer, I knew there was no way in the world I was missing this one. In fact, I was drawn to Adesua Etomi’s Northern look than anything.

She was stunning in her hijab. It was even though petty, the attraction for me and I am so glad it happened that way.

Banky W! You know, I won’t jump the gun. Let’s just say I will do this review according to plan.

Oh, and the Bauchi state governor starred in that movie. Listen, if you are going to the cinema today, tomorrow or whenever Up North will still be available, don’t pass. I tell you, don’t pass. It was the bomb!


I like the simple build up of the story and if I was to summarize the story in a phrase, I would say : the making of a man.

It is a recount of the spoilt male child of an influential business owner who is primarily concerned about creating a formidable bond with another business by staging a marriage between both of their children.

In a bid to punish his son, he banishes him to Bauchi State for his National Youth Service Corps. He surprisingly settles in quicker than expected.

His journey to becoming a selfless, thoughtful and responsible man begins as he brings out the best of the girls of a school in Bauchi.

Up North Movie Trailer

This is just in case you are hearing this for the first time. Let’s just see what the trailer does to you.

Up North Movie Cast

Banky Wellington

If you are not intrigued by anything yet, the story/plot, the cast, please make it a point of duty to go see Banky W fully unleash his acting. I mean, I saw him in the Wedding Party but not this way.

This time, he was lead actor and it blew us away. Why Bankole Wellington waited this long to dole us this goodness makes this whole thing so unfair. His humour scenes too, so perfect and natural.

He was the essence of Up North movie for me.

Ibrahim Suleiman

Ibrahim Suleiman was so pleasant to watch. His acting is top-notch too. Pairing him with Banky W was just perfect.

Oh my, some of their scenes together were so hilarious. You know, both of them were the perfect duo. They conjured all the reality of the movie.

Generally, I do not think there was one actor that was not good, they were all excellent. That is not even an exaggeration. Down to the kids.

This is me that gets angry when I see Nigerian kids act. I apologize if that comes off as somehow but the standard of child acting in Nigeria is too low and mediocre and embarrassing too.

Up North raised this bar and I am thankful for the gift they have given. I am full of so much hopes after Up North.

Other members of cast were:

Adesua Etomi

Akin Lewis

rahama sadau

Michelle Dede

Kanayo o. Kanayo

Hilda Dokubo

Tokunbo Idowu (Tboss)

Up North was directed by Tope Oshin. I don’t even know what she looks like yo. But this must be one hell of a brilliant person. Damn! Excellent, excellent…

Offside (maybe)

Some people (in the cinema) said some scenes were unrealistic. I enjoyed too much to even notice. Jeez.

For example, there was a scene where inhaler was used and someone blurted, ‘that’s not how it’s used o’.

Well, I don’t know and I don’t care, really. Because as at the time, the rest of the cinema was awwwwwiiing. I mean, who knew that that young girl couldn’t run because of asthma.

We all thought it was just a father’s overprotectiveness. That sudden twist was so necessary and deeply satisfying.

There were also some hugs. People said that’s the last thing that happens. In fact, you don’t want to be banished from your father’s home. Hugging is not a mistake that comes up your mind.

I am not going to spoil Up North for you. I will just stop here.

In conclusion

Yes, yes, yes, it is worth your movie ticket money. Every minute of the movie will make you laugh and think of Bauchi. By the way, I am so happy stories from the North are beautiful this time. I should watch Up North again (if extra cinema money shows, lol)

Have you seen Up North? If you haven’t, is this one movie you plan to see? Please let me hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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