UNVEIL, Nollywood Movie Review (2017)

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UNVEIL Nollywood movie

That was how movie was hungrying me on Saturday. Na so so cinema I carry my leg waka go o. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any movie in mind, I was just going to go pick up a ticket that looked appealing. The main actress of Unveil, Vivian Williams convinced me to buy, she and the other actors sold tickets. I was persuaded, her marketing was on point.

The movie was tacky! The story was good but the execution was just bad. I didn’t like it. It was predictable. The acting was poor. I really don’t understand the whole thing. Ah, this one wasn’t too cool o. I wasted ticket money.

I didn’t as much like the acting of the lead actress. It’s probably because I am not used to seeing her act. Her sister was the funny one in that movie. I liked Yvonne Jegede’s acting and naughty younger sister role. It was attractive.

Because I have decided that this won’t be an entirely negative review, I have decided to bring out three of the so many lessons I picked from the movie. No creative work is that straightforward. It takes a lot of time, planning and hard work. So here they are, the lessons:

1. You don’t leave husband and children to go and frequently see an ex. Same for relationships. Many people do this and claim that they are mature enough to handle any unforseen situation. There are different breakup situations, true but if you are with a new person, going to see an ex frequently is disrespectful to the current man you are dating.

2. WiFi isn’t the first thing you ask a Nigerian when you come back from ‘the abroad.’
This is on a lighter mood. So, my friend came back from the abroad and the only thing he kept complaining about was Internet. Ahahahahahahah…..

3. If you must work on your family, work to build a bond between siblings, between parents and siblings. A united family isn’t as easy to scatter as one that is not. Your nuclear family especially should be cemented and with a voice. Together you can storm the weather.

In summary, it isn’t a first pick movie. I wish they would work on that story and do some more justice to it for some other movie.

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