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4 Unusual Musical Genres That Only a Crazy Girlfriend May Like

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The world of music can impress with its diversity and versatility. There is a huge number of genres, which, in turn, are divided into dozens of sub-genres and styles just like pretty Russian girls. For example, metal has about 20 main directions, not counting their various branches. You will have to read hundreds of articles to learn about all of them. Here is a short list to begin with, especially if you are dating a huge music fan or just a crazy girl who likes unusual and hard genres.


Grindcore is considered to be one of the most inflammatory and crazy musical styles. In 1987, the band Napalm Death released its first album called “Scum” in the homeland of “Peaky Blinders,” the glorious city of Birmingham. This record has engendered the genre.

In fact, music is a mash of very fast blast-beats (reminiscent of machine-gun fire) and minimal tuned guitars. You will not find anything than extremely primitive and monotonous melodies. A distinctive feature of this remarkable genre is its own vocal style, besides classical growling and screaming here are guttural and pig-voice. Many performers experiment with the voice, getting the sound of ducks, dogs, pigeons, monkeys and even toilet sounds.

This style is also characterized by the short duration of the tracks, mostly less than a minute. The main representatives are Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer, Spasm, Gutalax.

Math metal.

The so-called mathematical metal is characterized by a very complex construction of compositions and high technical performance. This style is distinguished primarily by the presence of polyrhythm. Also, non-standard harmony, shifting emphasis, the use of specific musical sizes and measures can be called the inherent features of the math metal. This music has a common complex structure, which makes this genre not very popular both among musicians and listeners. The founder of the genre is considered the Swedish group Meshuggah, which is famous for its innovative style. The main representatives are Meshuggah, Animals As Leaders, TesseracT, Fellsilent.


Drone is a very vague style, which is difficult to characterize clearly. It is possible to say that this is one of the types of ambient music, but it is more correct to consider the drone as a separate representative of experimental music. It has appeared from the experiments of the German band Maeror Tri, who played noise earlier. Music consists of monotonous different-frequency drones, extracted from various instruments. Natural sounds are also converted into drones quite often.

The style is especially noteworthy for its truly incredible atmosphere, as well as some mystical tones. The singularity and complexity of perception make the drone a truly unique phenomenon in the music world. The main representatives are Maeror Tri, Cisfinitum, Troum.

Dark Electro.

Dark electro appeared in the 1990s as a branch of EBM (Electronic Body Music, a branch of postindustrial). One of the first bands was the Germans YelworC. This music was also called cyber-gothic (like the sub-culture of the same name). It is characterized by a hard, aggressive synthesizer sound, a dark atmosphere, as well as the distortion effect (special sound effect) in the vocals, which makes it very specific.

Dark electro, EBM, industrial and other related styles are very much in harmony with the aesthetics and ideas of cyberpunk. This is reflected in the texts and the appearance of many musicians of this genre. The main representatives are Hocico, Grendel, Aesthetic Perfection, FGFC820.

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