5 Unusual but effective beauty enhancements

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, it is always important to look as beautiful as possible all the time. There are some procedures and products which you can use to improve your appearance.

Some of them are standard while others are unique. Here are some unusual but effective beauty enhancements which you can implement today.

• The brachioplasty

This is a special type of beauty enhancement. Also known as an upper-arm lift, it is an invasive procedure which focuses on the upper arms.

During a brachioplasty, excess amounts of skin and fat are removed from the upper arm. After that, the remaining tissue is tightened and smoothed out. This eliminates jiggle in the upper arms.

A brachioplasty is usually performed to complement bariatric surgeries. It helps the recipient to get uniform results and beautiful arms.

• PRP hair treatment

This is another unusual but effective beauty enhancement. If you notice that your hair is getting thin and falling out, this problem can be fixed using platelet rich plasma therapy for hair loss.

Simply known as a PRP hair treatment, it is where a small amount of blood is extracted from your body. After that, it is placed inside a centrifuge. Here, platelets are separated from the plasma in your blood.

They are then treated and activated. Once this has been done, the platelets are injected into your scalp. They proceed to improve the growth of new cells and proteins resulting in longer, thicker hair.

• Sclerotherapy on your hands

As one ages, the effect of time is easily observable on your hands. It takes the form of prominent veins and deep valleys between the knuckles.

Also, age can manifest as wrinkles and fine lines on your hands. These effects can be eliminated through sclerotherapy on your hands. This procedure gets rid of prominent, visible veins on your hands.

Furthermore, cosmetic surgeons insert fillers in the valleys between the knuckles so as to fill out your hands. To complete the procedure, laser resurfacing is performed on your hands. This is so as to eliminate the age spots as well.

• Butt lifts

This is a type of procedure which is performed so as to make the butt rounder and perkier. During a butt lift, fat is suctioned out of other parts of the body and inserted into your butt.

This procedure is safer than an implant. That’s because fat is natural and carries a very low risk of infection. Also, a butt lift is a quick procedure. Thus, it can be completed in a simple office visit.

• Eyelash transplant

Eyelashes are well loved by many women. The longer and curlier they are, the better. Due to this popularity and importance to one’s appearance, eyelash transplants are now performed.

In this procedure, hair follicles from the base of your scalp are removed and sewn right into your eyelids. This causes the eyelashes to grow at a higher rate. By trimming and curling them, you can develop more luscious lashes over time.

People will go to extreme lengths so as to look more beautiful. The procedures described above are unusual. However, they can improve your beauty dramatically. It is important to note that you should always consult a physician before engaging in a cosmetic procedure!

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