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Why Your Blog isn’t getting enough traffic from search engines

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Applying search engine optimization strategies on your blog is really fun, especially if you are monitoring your progress. You check your Google Analytics to see a significant soar in your organic search stats. It’s beautiful, I tell you. Traffic from search engines can change your entire blogging story.

If you are a little bit more SEO savvy, when you check your Google Webmasters a.k.a search console to see the keywords you are ranking for, you are thrilled to see that first, your blog is visible to search engines. Secondly, your blog shows up for the keywords you want it to show up for.

I am going to restrain myself a whole lot in the article. I really do not want it to be long. I want short and precise, something straight to the point and hits the nail on the head.

Now, you have learnt the basics of SEO and are already beginning to apply these things on your blog. You wait for months and months and sometimes, years, only to still be on the same ‘ol spot looking for traffic.

It’s not an encouraging situation and I perfectly understand. Perhaps, you are missing some things, perhaps you are doing SEO but not the way you should be. So, I have highlighted 4 possible reasons why you are still stuck where you are.


1. Nobody is searching for what you are writing

You know, you might be writing on topics people are not really looking for. The search volume of these keywords are way too low for you to begin to expect a lot of traffic on your blog via search engines.

If you were writing on a keyword that only 10 people search for per month, you wouldn’t expect to have thousands of visitors to that article, would you?

This is why I usually ask people to do a proper keyword research before attempting to write their articles. You can use sites like Google Keyword planner or SEMRush for your keyword research. Just insert your keyword and check how many people are looking for what you are intending to write.

2. You are not properly milking off the keyword juice

This means that you are focusing on just one keyword per article. A lot of people make this mistake a lot. They see potentials in a fine keyword and they go on ahead to optimize the article for just that one.

While you are doing your keyword research, try to check Google’s similar searches on that keyword so that you can liberally put in these keywords. You can also use It is a free research tool to check for similar things people who search for your targeted keywords are also searching for.

If you are writing for a keyword with a search volume of 100, after properly optimizing and milking the juice for other possible keywords, you realize that you have a total of 1000 searches you are gunning for.

3. You are writing on topics with a dense competition

The trick to getting a lot of traffic is to look for high search volume topics people are not writing about. If millions of sites are writing on a particular keyword, it may not be your best shot.

Look for keywords with low to moderate competition and thank your stars if they have a high volume too.

4. You are not patient enough

I must be very frank with you here. There is a thin line between not being patient at all and being too patient. In fact, crossing the line to either sides is being excessive. Usually, depending on how competitive a keyword is, you might begin to get clicks from within 24 hours to one month. To see significant increase, it may take as long as 3-6 months or even a year.

You have to be able to know when you are too patient and not patient at all. If an article has a potential of doing well and it’s not as it should be, go back to re-optimizing it. There are a million ways to re-optimize an article but I have promised to make this short and sweet. I hope it is.

If you need more clarity, just hit the comments section. You might also send me an email at if you need more guidance.

See you.

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