Top 6 Restaurants in Nigeria

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restaurants in Nigeria

When you step into a restaurant in Nigeria, no matter the star,
structure, menu or service, the concluding part of your visit should be your
taste bud’s satisfaction, what is left in your purse and if you want to
recommend them to your friends.


After research, reviews from customers and visits, there are lots of chefs/cooks
doing great cooking out there. Here is a list of top 6 restaurants in Nigeria
according to some visitors and customers that cannot help but loud it.


  • Sky Lolo –  Ose-Olohun aka Skye Lolo is located
    at Bodija Ibadan beside a popular Skye bank that was made popular by Sky Lolo.
    The most interesting thing about Sky Lolo is that it does not have an online
    platform or a logo that we are aware of but it is the best spot in Ibadan for Amala. If
    you really want to have a taste of what the real amala is like, you should
    check out Sky.
  • Jevenik – according to a customer, “the food is always too
    much. I never finish it. Go there at your stomach’s peril.”, one would have to
    try doing some once in a life-time things. The best thing to do would be to try
    out Jevenik which has locations in Lagos (Mainland and Island) and Abuja.
  • Spur – is known for its chicken and chips, according to a
    regular there, “their chicken and chips and Jollof rice can make Odysseus kill
    Poseidon with a clenched fist”. One would have to try and see to understand the
    description used.
  • The Place – My personal favorite restaurant. Asun and Dodo is the testimony of most people
    that visit ever friendly restaurant. They pride themselves on quality
    management. The taste on the island is the same as that on the mainland.
    Another favorite is the local/concussion rice. Forget jollof rice and all its
    spices and go in for the local. Worth every kobo. Visit The Place Restaurants for a location close to you in Lagos.
  • Yellow Chilli – Located at 35, Joel Ogunaike Street, GRA
    Ikeja delivers on point variety of gourmet meals, spicy local and pan-African
    delicacies. It is known for its notorious Seafood Okoro that can make a grown
    man confess to being his weakness over there.
  • Igwe’s Palace – Located at New Road, Kano Nigeria is a home away from home. They dish quality food that would leave you satisfied and unbothered about time spent to consume it.



Thanks for reading, and if you have not done that, share
please. Would love to hear from you. Who is your favorite restaurant in Nigeria
and Why.Photo credit: Culture Trip

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