Top 5 Nollywood Movies to Watch this Weekend

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Top 5 Nollywood Movies to Watch this weekend

Hey guys, weekend is set, are you? It’s time to set the ball rolling. To think that Nigeria at 57 will extend till Monday makes this weekend all the more groovy. It’s Nollywood time baby!

What are you doing this weekend? If you have Nollywood movies in your plan, this blog post is definitely for you. Nigerian cinema movies 2017 have had us clamoring for more.

Here are top 5 nollywood movies to watch this weekend:


“From the producers of Lekki Wives comes another adventure. At a getaway event, a group of malicious women are met with challenging trials that each must confront or succumb to.”

Watch The Women nollywood movie trailer below


“Mentally is the story of a young Nigerian man, Akin, who despite his mother’s warnings, decides to relocate to Lagos where his only friend, Emeka (a former schoolmate) promises him enormous opportunities of having a better life. His first experience in Lagos takes him on a journey unprecedented, but eventually an eye opener that makes him re-evaluate the choice he just made.”

Watch Mentally nollywood movie trailer below



“The Silver Spoon tells the story of a bright hardworking and serious minded but spoilt 24 years old girl, Ella Henshaw placed on a succession plan by her parent to take charge of the family business. She then comes across a man. This young man, a disgruntled job seeker, Segun finally gets a job in her company and discovers that the job was’nt what he expected.”
Watch The Silver Spoon nollywood Movie Trailer Below:



“It’s a story of a 42 year old Nigerian man  (based in Europe). He decides to return to Nigeria in search of a wife, after a failed marriage to an European woman.
He gets entangled in different  scenarios of : Two Nigerian female bankers( one who wants to have him at all cost), the other  one who is indifferent. His  mother, who goes  all out  (relentlessly) to  help  him  resolve his ordeal  while his  European ex-wife  also fights …”
Watch Amara nollywood movie trailer below:



“LAMIDE a jobless high class sociable lady mounts pressures on her Fiancé RAYMOND a civil servant with a meager salary to get married to her immediately or face her wrath. Raymond loves her so much and begs for more time as he complains his resources will not be enough to fund the high class wedding of her dreams.”

Watch Dance to my Beat nollywood movie trailer

So guys, which of these nollywood movies are you going to watch this weekend? Share with me in the comments section below.

All movie synopsis are gotten from Silverbird Cinemas Ikeja

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