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Top 5 good lessons from Good Sam (2019 Netflix Movie)

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Netflix sure did well to recommend the newly released movie, Good Sam to me. It is a feel-good movie to lighten hearts and moods. Good Sam is that movie that is very easy to follow and be involved with. It made me feel very relaxed and interested at the same time. I will do all I can to not be a spoiler while I do a lesson review of Good Sam.

Good Sam Movie Trailer (Netflix)

Good Sam Movie Synopsis

A reporter is desperate to get to the bottom of a really good story which is likely to cause a big career hit for her. In the process, she falls in love with someone who is who she never thought.

Good Sam Movie Characters

Tiya Sircar as Kate Bradley
Chad Connell as Eric Hayes
Marco Grazzini as Jack Hansen
Jesse Camacho as Josh
Mark Camacho as David Dyal
Elana Dunkelman as Lauren
Kelly Hope Taylor as Susan Andrews
Kenny Wong as Ed
Daniela Sandiford as Alex
Christina Tannous as Christina Gomez
Ivan Smith as Senator Ashok Bradley
Stefanie Nakamura as Channel 9 Reporter
Scott Humphrey as Channel 3 Reporter
Jodie Resther as Faith Haywood
Vince Benvenuto as Jesse Durham

Lessons from Good Sam Movie

1. Be with someone who respects your job

This is a much later revelation, in fact, at the very end of the movie but I could not wait to get right into this lesson. If your man (or woman) understands the intricacies and demands of a job you really love, it solves a lot of problems.

2. At some point persistence does it

It is now very rare to find people who are thorough at their jobs these days but really, persistence is what differentiates the mediocre from the high flyers. With thoroughness, many of the things that could have gone unnoticed were uncovered.

3. Good Sam reminds us that goodness is contagious

But for the act of the Good Samaritan, many of the people who began to extend an arm of graciousness might have kept all of that goodness to themselves. Sometimes we need to be inspired to be helpful, kind, selfless and giving.

4. Maybe our big breaks will come from very unexpected places

For all of those opportunities we do not expect to be meaningful in our lives, Good Sam is a reminder that we might just want to treat every single task like everything depends on it. A twist from an uninspiring story for a start shows that good things sometimes spring from low places.

5. There is nothing like working with supportive colleagues

As inconspicuous as the role of Kate Bradley’s field partner was in the story, I cannot help but magnify its contribution to success at the end. Supportive and coperative colleagues just make work and in the end, life, very easy.

Good Sam, which is distributed by Netflix and released on May 16, 2019, was directed by Kate Melville and written by Teena Booth and Dete Meserve.

If you are in search of the Netflix movie to watch while you eat dinner, try Good Sam. I recommend it!

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