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Top 10 Big Lies and Myths About Natural Hair

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Solange Knowles on Natural hair
Natural hair is one of the very many misunderstood hair types. One of the issues people have with natural hair is how to manage it and that’s why they come up with so many myths, some of them transferred from anti-natural hair people, some of them made up. Myths about natural hair when spread can discourage anyone from thinking of considering it.
Igbocurls has a very open video on 10 myths about natural hair.
Many people jump into the big chop and then they lose ideas, are faced with reality, find out that they were not prepared and then begin to come up with big lies and myths about natural hair growth.
The natural hair journey is too fun-filled to be distracted by these lies. You can have all the fun styling your natural hair, enjoying the journey and discarding the lies and myths about natural hair,
Watch the video below:


What do you think? What are the other lies and myths you have heard about natural hair?

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