Tips to Maintaining a Constant Quiet Time

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Woman having quiet time

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we? The spiritual aspect of our lives that we do not want any other person to know about- quiet time. It’s so quiet that it might be forever silent and out of our life schedules eventually. Are you struggling with maintaining a regular quiet time?

Well,  I have been in this position several times. Communing with God isn’t as automatic as a lot of people claim. We are pushed to believe that once we are born again, we should automatically connect with God and never falter in devotion. But this is not true. The hustle and struggle of living can cause a slow drifting. It’s such a subtle and almost unnoticeable one.

Recently, I put a deep thought into how to make my quiet time constant despite the loads and loads of work on my neck. It can be difficult balancing the offline world with the online world, I tell you. There are some mornings I wake up and all I have on my brain is the blog design I am supposed to be turning in or one I am not speeding up. Sometimes, I am thinking of some more quality articles for my blog and before I know it,  it’s 2pm and still no quiet time. I admit that this can go on for as long as a week but the emptiness in my spirit doesn’t go unnoticed.

Sometimes it’s the dryness, other times it’s the lack of boldness to approach God. The guilty feeling too. I want to quickly mention now that feelings as Christians aren’t enough to judge the authenticity of our salvation. It’s just a move of the devil to get us distant from God. Connection with God is by faith and not by feelings.

My failure in my place of constant communion has had ways of drowning me spiritually. Negligence and preoccupation with the cares of this world isn’t anything to carelessly joke about. There must be an intentional check.

So,  I made a list of what I should implement. Trials and errors are allowed in the place of communication with God. There are no hard and fast rules. If these do not work, I will move on to adjust until I am ‘perfect’ in this regard.

-Have a constant time, mornings definitely.

-Make my quiet time interesting. Will incorporate some more music.

-Read lovelier and more interesting quiet time devotionals.

-Read my Bible before praying and not the other way round. I am switching things.

-Use the pidgin version of my eBible. It’s deeper and closer to me.

Have you had or been having problems lately with your quiet time? What have you done? What are you planning to do? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Svelte Olamiposi says:

    I have my alarm set to 6am and that's when my brain automatically tells me it's time to pick my Bible. I also do not touch my phone before quiet time. For days when I did that, I skipped my quiet time.

    1. You are so right 'bout the phone issue. I pick it up, (especially to 'Facebook') and it's over.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where can I get the pidgin version of the Bible online?


    1. You can download Pidgin Bible on Play store or Palm play. It even comes with audio options. I like that the most.

  3. Since I married, I discovered a shift in my bible study life. Not that I don't have enough time to but Hubby can go on leading prayers for more than an hour and by the time we are through, bible reading have to be scrapped off as we'll have to start the business of the day.

    Though I keep pointing his attention to it but it seems like Prayer is his ambition. Lol

    So what I do now is, have my bible study alone early before he wakes. And that has been working. After the prayer, I just share with him what I read and we discuss the lessons there and like that.

    However, I have come to discover that even though we are married, we remain different individuals before God when it comes to our spiritual connectivity with Him.
    So, sometimes, we intentionally do it separately. He goes to the visitor's room and we have a sweet one on one time with our father…

    1. Wow, Kemi. Thank you so much for sharing this. I can relate on the individuality aspect because of when I got into a relationship. Things dragged with our spirituality for both of us until we split it. It's much easier doing it individually and sharing lessons intermittently. I believe that when we finally get together, (in marriage), there will be agreement on how to handle the corporate altar especially because of our future children.

      I also noted what you mentioned about your mountain and firing hubby. Hihihihihihihihihi… I see where the issue of complementing and balance comes in. I like that you take up on the Bible study and lesson sharing. It will help you both strike an incredible balance. Indeed, two are better than one.

  4. Facebook looks like the common devil all of us are facing around here.

    1. Look? It is mhen.

  5. Thank you Esther for this, recently I noticed I was not doing my quiet time as usual, reason facebook and whatsapp. So I decided to always switch off my data at night. So when I wake up in the morning, nothing distracts me from my quiet time. Its been awesome.

    1. I do that too. In fact, I now switch off my phone when I want to sleep at night. That has helped me too very much. It's so easy to jump right into your gadgets and forget to talk to God all day for as long as one whole month.

      I used to write my quiet time lessons on my phone as a diary everyday and send to friends. That had to stop too. When I really want to use my e-Bible, the pidgin version, I make sure the phone is on flight. So far, that is working.

  6. Wow! Thanks for sharing this awesome post. It dawned on me that I'm drifting away from the altar of personal communion with my maker. This post was a direct message to me to shun distractions and seat up with my Bible study. I sure know it might not be easy, especially now that I'm even 24hours/day doesn't seem enough. Apart from preparation for my 9-5 job, as a morning person I work on my blog early morning and that is exactly what I've been forgoing quite time for (God should just have mercy on me). I have resolved to do my content preparations and blog tweaking at weekends.
    Thanks once again for sharing this post here.

    1. Hi Dave, our schedules are almost the same, except that mine is an 8-5 job and travelling to and from work everyday has turned it into 6-8. I do my blog designs and actual blogging in the mornings. Gradually all that, (Facebook and Whatsapp) inclusive was beginning to eat up my quiet time. But we'll keep working out our salvation and keep in constant touch with God. We will decide to and actually do so. Amen.

      1. I checked your blog, it's awesome,I particularly loved your most recent quote compilation of Andrew.

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