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Tips for Travel Bloggers who want to start their own website—but can’t get started

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Who hasn’t ever wished to quit the office job, pack a bag and explore the world? Well, in the age of the Internet and social media, it may no longer be a far-fetched dream.

Now maybe you’re not the type of person who’s ready to leave their whole life behind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start a successful travel blog of your own. You can do it as just a hobby, or you can aim higher and earn a living from it. In any case, there are certain guidelines you need to follow in order to start a fruitful website, and keeping them in mind can help you tremendously through your journey—pun intended.

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how to become a travel blogger

The Set-Up

Starting a website or a blog from scratch can be a frustrating task, but you need to think in baby steps. The research comes first; what are other people writing about? Who will you be targeting with your posts? What is it that will make you different from the rest? This way, you can adopt a specific tone for your blog, and build upon it during the creative process that comes next.


Decide on a striking, catchy name for your website—if you have a specific theme in mind that you’ll use throughout your posts, you can choose a title that hints at it. Once you’ve created the first step of your online identity, you can proceed to set up your domain and get the basics over with.


A domain is the URL of your website, which you can claim for a reasonable annual fee. After obtaining the domain, you’ll need to choose a hosting platform for your website, which pretty much means you’ll be “renting” space on the Internet. At this point, you have a number of great options like Bluehost, Hostgator and SiteGround; or you can go for a good-old self-hosted WordPress blog.


Now that you’re off to a good start, you can focus on the look and feel of your blog. Take a look at your options online and get creative—you can customize your blog to suit your own taste, personality and reader profile.

The Content

Thankfully, blogging is not all about dealing with payment plans, plugins, and software. Once you have all these technicalities up and running, you can focus on your content, which is the essential selling point of your website. A great design can please the eye, but the quality of your photos and writing will make or break your career.


In the beginning, you can turn to your previous travel notes and photos, editing them to fit the tone you’re aiming to keep up. When it’s time for your next great adventure though, you want to combine a variety of travel ideas—ride a cable car from the top of a mountain in Switzerland, hop on the famous Orient Express for a mystical train adventure, or discover tropical destinations with Panama Canal cruise sailings. No matter which type of transportation or destination you choose, don’t forget to keep a real-time travel diary to draw inspiration from it later; and—needless to say—take a lot of beautiful photos!


It’s a good idea to put some effort into building an audience for your website before stepping into the financials. To achieve this, you will have to post entries consistently—set up a schedule for yourself and stick to it. The more content you put out there, the higher your chances of being noticed will get. Writing frequent posts will also help you practice and find your true voice, which will give your audience more to look forward to every time.

The New Chapter

More and more stories of successful travel bloggers pop up on our news feeds every day. Businessmen selling their companies to pursue ancient native traditions, families with newborn babies climbing mountains, a man and his dog road-tripping in a van, even a biker traveling the globe with his adopted cat. The awe-inspiring examples are countless, and there’s no reason why your stories shouldn’t spread all over the world and eventually support your life on the road.

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