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5 Easy tips to avoid overeating this holiday season

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Avoid overeating this holiday season, Esther Adeniyi

Holiday is coming, holiday is coming, no more warning bells, no more teacher’s whips. Good bye teacher, good bye student, we are going on a holi-, holiday. A holi-, holiday.

I feel so nostalgic right now and this goes back to Primary school. We used to be so happy about holidays ehn. We also never really had to bother about our weights, our health or anything for that matter. We just wanted to have access to chicken without restrictions.

Ehn, but now we are grown. Chai, but adulting is not easy o. Well, if you are like me who wants to be fit still, not add unnecessary weight and still have a good holiday experience, this blog post is for you. It’s just better we quickly sort this out now before it is even December at all.

Some people will resume work and school in January trying to fight off the weight from overeating this holiday season. I think it’s just better to avoid it, than begin on correction actions.

Below are 5 tips to help you avoid overeating this holiday season.

1. Eat slowly

I have personally found this to work. When you eat slowly, you give your body time to adjust and you have more time to listen to it. Most times we find out that the whole portion we dished was even too much.

So, try this at holiday parties and in-house celebrations. Try to eat your meals slowly so that you can truly enjoy the chicken without eating too much of it.

2. Drink more water

More water just fills up the stomach and leaves little space for too much food. What I do is that I eat the food I really like, and then drink a lot of water to avoid going to eat more of it or another food.

Drink water early in the morning to help your metabolism and in between meals too.

3. Exercise

I have a friend who says that the only reason why she exercises is so that she can eat whatever she wants without guilt. So, it’s like, eat whatever freaking thing you want to, burn it off; eat other more interesting foods, burn it off.

If you want to employ this method, by all means. Also, exercising gives you a feeling of fitness. Many times, the feeling that comes with exercising is like, ‘I have tried to workout, I have done a good job, I am not going to spoil it all with this candy or ice cream or burger’

Here are some workout quotes to keep you motivated

4. Do mindful eating

During the holidays, you are careful to think before you talk abi? Okay, to avoid overeating this holiday season, think before you eat too. This is a thing of the mind and we can all control it. Try to eat healthy foods that will fill you up faster. You can try eating apples in the mornings.

Before going for a meal, think your body, think your health. We know this is the time to indulge but think before you indulge. Use your back sense o. Okay, I will eat this cake and that’s all. Make up your mind to determine how much of indulging you want to do.

Keeping a food journal helps a lot to avoid overeating this holiday season. You don’t want to write nonsense in that journal shebi?

5. Dish only what you would like to eat

If you would not like to eat a certain type of unhealthy food this holiday season, do not even attempt to dish it. That is all the temptation you need to eat it.

Also, practice portion control. If you are used to listening to your body, you know how much will make you just full. So, dish only that. It is determination o.

How do you plan to avoid overeating this holiday season? Let’s rub minds in the comments section.

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