Till Snoring do us Part and Other Weekend Links

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Weekend Links

Hey, my blog people, how are you? Yes, I am back again with Weekend Links. You see ehn, I stopped this because the response was low. No matter how hard I tried, people didn’t seem to want to read my Weekend Links, so I got discouraged. I stopped and focused on other more receptive segments of the blog.

Some days back, I began to ponder on the original reason I started this. First, I got the inspiration from Berry Dakara’s blog. Second, I read so many blogs and websites on the internet. I learn so much of different things that sharing on my Facebook wall would piss my audience because it would be too much for them to take in per time. So, I started Weekend Links to share these links, I wanted you to read some of the things that have blessed me on these beautiful blogs.

So, Weekend Links is back and I sincerely hope it stays much longer this time. I don’t have to do this every week, I will do this when I have many links in queue to share. I am trying to be more true to myself, my audience and my blog. I believe that when I don’t put too much pressure on this segment, if I let it flow naturally, it will come up as it should.

I have a long list of compilation but I will highlight just 5 of my Favorites. I am telling you that the ones for this week are very cool. You will like them, I promise you.

How to stop the habit of comparing yourself with other people 

I am going through an emotional phase of my life right now but what’s important is that for each day of this period, the Lord is taking me through one lesson per day. This article is one of such lessons. Sometimes we go through depression and unnecessary sadness because we compare a lot. We want to be like this person, we want to be like that person. This article is what you need if you have found yourself in that habit. Truth is that many people have battled this or are still battling this one way or the other.

Till snoring do us part 

This one is just for the fun of it. I saw the blog post notification on Instagram (in case you haven’t noticed, I spend a lot of time on Instagram. You can follow me here. Thank you ? ). I took immediate interest when I saw that it was about snoring. You can check my comment on that post too. I said in the comment that I am hoping my future husband can take me for the snorer I am. I don’t hear myself snore which is good news and bad news. Good news because I sleep off and don’t have to be disturbed by it, bad news because I don’t like that it disturbs other people.

Popular Blogging Misconceptions

So, you know what we bloggers have gone through in this life. Plenty plenty things o. Someone will come up and say that we are not doing anything. One girl walked up to me last year, I can’t ever forget that day. It was AIDS awareness day or something, can’t remember exactly how it is coined. We were at the cinema and a mutual friend signaled to her to come meet me. So she goes, ‘you are Esther Adeniyi? Wow. I learned you have a blog. Is like everybody now has a blog o.’ It felt like, ‘what do you people do on your blogs?’

Anyway, enough of the tori tori, check what Kacheetee has to say about this issue. I like her post on it.

Relationship conflicts and how to overcome 

I want to dare say that this is one of the best articles I have read in a long while on relationships. It was so so accurate and realistic on relationship conflicts. Y’all know how this relationship things are now. You should read this article if you have especially been quarrelling so much with bae or boo.

How to differentiate between God’s will and your will 

I was searching for something online when I stumbled on this question someone asked on Boundless. I liked the answer to the question. I would like you to read it too.

Okay, so, which of these links did you like? How is your weekend going to be na? Any gist?

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