TIFÉ presents to you its latest collection titled ĪMŌ

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TIFÉ and its latest collection titled ĪMŌ

Known for its versatile, transitional and effortlessly elegant designs. TIFÉ presents to you its latest collection titled ĪMŌ pronounced (E-moh) said to be inspired by the desire to promote self-awareness and confidence in today’s woman.


Self-Awareness is a tremendously important phrase rarely talked about in our culture. It is the capacity for introspection- ‘A conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desire separate from others, separate from the environment.


It’s okay to be inspired by others and things around us but sometimes we forget, we take our eyes away from our fundamental truth and get fixated on everything else but ourselves.’ Like the infamous saying ‘It’s not about looking strong or beautiful because we are already strong and beautiful. It’s about finding the Beauty, Solace and Balance in oneself.

latest collection titled ĪMŌ


This collection describes the modern woman, who rules her world with Understanding, knowledge, grace and purpose whilst being fun and elegant at it.

Source: Kamdora

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