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Three Thieves Nollywood Movie Review

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Frustrated with their current standard of living, three young men decide to find a desperate solution to their poverty. This resolve is easy as they are mistakenly tasked with a robbery job. This, with its financial reward, falls so easily into their laps and they are left with no other sane choice than to go for it. What was supposed to land them in prison ends up making them heroes of the day. 

Three Thieves Movie Review

Three Thieves is a fantastic Nollywood comedy. The comedy was served with grace and expertise. When everyone in the cinema is reeking of laughter; deep, loud laughter, the only good guess is that everyone on the movie team did not come to play.

Every second in Three Thieves was a hilarious outburst of skillful comedy. There was absolutely no time to be bored. It started off effortlessly funny and left us comfortably satiated.

If you are the hard guy in your clique or have vowed to never be impressed by any Nollywood comedy, well, Three Thieves is going to be your first. If this doesn’t evoke laughter patterns you have never heard from yourself, you must have too many life troubles. 

I must warn you, there were ridiculously unrealistic scenes but for the joy of ticket money well spent, they were easy to forgive and explain away. If you ever catch yourself giving excuses for why an utterly impossible movie scene is slightly possible, you have been bought!


The three thieves, Frank Donga, Shawn Faqua, Koye-kekere Ekun were fabulous. Their ability to naturally at in their roles was elegant. They had a synergy that was fulfilling to watch. Nothing forced, very easy on the eye. 

Shaffy Bello is making me fall in love with her, no homo! First, it was Love is War and then, this. This woman is an excellent actress. She delivers with a finesse that is admirable. The way she owns her part leaves no room for doubt. Damn, she’s good.

Something about Odunlade Adekola can’t keep people calm. He seems to have a large real estate in the heart of many Nigerians in the case of comedy. 

Child-star, Angel Unigwe is definitely one to watch out for.

Everyone was on point!

Three Thieves Cast

 Frank Donga
Shawn Faqua
Koye-kekere Ekun
Odunlade Adekola
Shaffy Bello
Wofai Fada
Charles Okocha
Angel Unigwe
Omotunde (Lolo) Adebowale
Funny Bone
Lucianne Ukpabi
Enado Odigie
Bucci Franklin
Eric Obinna
Gregory Oje
Kalu Ikegawu


This is a 9/10 for me. Three Thieves, I am certain is an excellent way to kickstart your weekend. Watch out for the bloopers at the end of the movie. Your experience is not complete without it. 

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